Refer to this page for some of our most frequently asked questions about the RLC application process.  If you have a question that is not reflected here, contact Residence Life at or by phone at 610-660-1060.

What are RLCs?

RLCs or Residential Learning Communities are intentionally created communities in our residence halls that give students a share experience.  All of our RLCs are based on either major or interest that the students will have in common that faciliates community building, convenient study & social groups and RAs (or Resident Assistants) that are committed to the community.

What happens in an RLC?
Lots!!  RLCs are a great place for students to meet likeminded students as well as receive mentoring from upperclassmen RAs.  For First Year students, RLCs can help ease the transition to college by providing an instant connection with a roomatemate, suitemate, floormate, and entire hall.  More formally, there is at least one RLC specific program a month focused on the RLC topic.  Visit each page for more information about each RLCs events/programming.

Application Process

How can I apply?

You can access the RLC applications on the SJU Residence Life website when they are live.

I have applied, when will I find out if I got in?

RLC applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.  To ensure your best chance of getting into an RLC- apply early!!  Acceptances are emailed to your SJU email account. Once accepted, all members accepted must return their intent form, confirming their space in the community.

How many spaces are available/how many people typically apply to be in an RLC?

Dependent upon the size and capacity of the community, most RLCs are between 40-80 students.  All RLCs are co-ed.

Housing Selection

How will I pick my space in the RLC?

RLC Housing Selection is on it's own day, separate from the General Housing Selection date for incoming first year students or upperclassmen.  It runs exactly the same way that traditional housing selection runs- which you will learn about at Orientation!  All accepted RLC residents will receive an RLC specific date & time to log in to our housing portal to select their housing in their chosen RLC.  RLC residents can all pair up with other residents who have been accepted into that RLC and select together.

I have a roommate that I met online/at Orientation/from High School, but they are not in the RLC, can we still room together?

To give students the best RLC experience, each RLC is limited to students who apply and are accepted into the RLC.  The best way to ensure that both you and your potential roommate can live together is to both apply and be accepted into the same RLC.  Any students who are not accepted into the RLC will not be able to be pulled into a room through the RLC Housing Selection process.  If there are vacancies in the RLC after applications close,  mixed pairs can be accommodated- these requests should be directly to Elizabeth Ali,  via email at

I want to participate in the RLC, but I don't want to live in the building where it is offered, can I still participate?

Residential Learning Communities, as the name suggests, are Residential Experiences, limited to those that live in the community.  While you would be able to attend some of the programmings, a large portion of the community development happens by living in the community on the floor, so we are not able to offer "membership" to those that would choose to live somewhere else on campus.  If you are a commuter student and would like to know your options for participation, contact Elizabeth Ali,  via email at

How can I find other people who have been accepted into the RLC?

Connection through social media, Orientation & the Housing Portal search feature are your best bets.  While there is no search field in the housing portal for RLC membership, you can include it in your profile and it will be visible to other students.  During RLC Housing selection process, many students enter the RLC as individuals, knowing that they will have the RLC interest in common with any potential roommate.