Ready to step up your Res Hall experience? Our Residential Learning Communities provide exclusive housing opportunities for interested applicants!

The Office of Residence Life has partnered with multiple academic and administrative departments to design various Learning Communities housed throughout our residence halls.  Learning Communities are comprised of groups of students who choose to live on the same floor or in the same residential area and focus learning opportunities on a specific interest or academic area or major.  Residence Life sponsors Learning Communities specifically for first year students as well as for upperclass students.

Participation in Residential Learning Communities affords students some excellent benefits including:

  • living with other students who share similar majors or interests
  • the opportunity to develop close relationships with other students in the community
  • focused programming opportunities related to the Learning Community theme
  • the opportunity to interact closely with faculty and staff members
  • participation in exclusive site visits and field trips
  • Resident Assistants chosen specifically for membership in the Learning Community

Learning Communities can assist students in transitioning to SJU and can help students feel connected to the many resources offered at the University.  Research shows that students who participate in Learning Communities are more likely to live in an enjoyable community, achieve a higher level of academic success from mutual discussion and study, and have better relationships with faculty and staff members due to unique and creative programming opportunities.

The following RLCs are open to First Year Students:


Emerging Leaders


To apply, please click on the "First Year RLC Application" button on the top side of this page.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to get some basic questions answered that you might have about RLCs at SJU!  More questions?  Contact Elizabeth Ali, or 610-660-1060.

How to get involved in Residential Learning Communities

Incoming First-Year Students:

We welcome incoming first-year students to our Residential Learning Communities!

Applications for the Class of 2025 will be available towards the end of May 2021. Our programs are competitive, so apply early to secure your spot!

The timeline for Class of 2025 RLC Applications is as follows:

May 19th: RLC Application available on SJU website (see red tab above that reads "Freshmen RLC Applications")

Monday, July 5th: RLC Applications due

Thursday, July 8th: RLC Acceptance Forms due

Monday morning, July 12th: Residence Life will administratively place all accepted RLC students into rooms on their RLC floors. Students who have successfully linked up as roommates in the Housing Portal will be placed together (you will learn how to do this at Orientation). Your placements will take place prior to General Housing Selection. All accepted students are guaranteed a room on their specific RLC floor.

Rising Upperclassmen:

Applications for Upperclassmen RLC Applications have closed and will become available again in February 2022.

The Following RLCs are open to Upperclassmen:




Visit our FAQ page for commonly asked questions about RLCs. 


The timeline for this year's RLC Upperclassmen Selection Process is as follows:

Monday, February 22nd: RLC Application available on SJU website

Monday, March 22nd: RLC Applications due

Monday, March 29th: RLC Acceptance forms due (will be sent to applicants admitted into the RLC)

Wednesday, March 31st: RLC Housing Selection times available

Monday, April 5th: RLC Housing Selection