The Arts RLC is our newest RLC on campus.  Housed in Xavier Hall, on Lapsley Lane, the Arts RLC is a co-ed RLC where students with a strong interest in visual and/or performing arts can make a home on campus.  Located right next to Boland Hall, the Arts RLC is convenient for all Art majors, minors or enthusiasts.  Experiences in this community involve art creations within Jordan as well as exploring art experiences on campus, in Philadelphia and the general region, including Washington DC and New York City.  Highly student driven, the Arts RLC allows for creativity and engagement in arts appreciation in the world all around us.


Past events included:

Guggenheim Museum guided tour,

Exit Through the Gift Shop documentary viewing & discussion

Mural Arts Program

Food Photography & Blogging Session

Membership in the Arts RLC also includes membership to either: Philadelphia Museum of Art, Kimmel Performing Arts Center, or Philadelphia Film Society.

Membership is open to all upperclassmen students (Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors)