Welcome to Residential Learning at SJU!

The Office of Residence Life believes that our residences are more than just rooms.  We know that students experience a great many things in the residence halls and we want our buildings to be vibrant environments for student learning and development.  We see educational opportunities all around us in the residence halls; from the fantastic programming our Resident Assistants offer to the life skills students can learn in successfully navigating a roommate conflict.  Residence Life  is proud to support the academic mission of Saint Joseph's University, most specifically through our Living Learning efforts which include Residential Learning Communities and co-sponsored faculty programming.  The goals of Residential Learning are simple but meaningful: to create educational environments and opportunities in the residence halls and to develop mentoring and personal connections between faculty, staff, administrators, and students outside the classroom.  Students can take advantage of educational opportunities by simply attending an RA program in the residence halls or by becoming formally involved in a structured Residential Learning Community.

Using the links to the left, please learn more information about becoming involved in our Residential Learning Communities and look through some of our past programming in the residence halls.  Feel free to contact the Office of Residence Life with any questions or suggestions.