Can you picture yourself as an RA?  Want to develop leadership skills and marketable resume experience?  Want to make a difference in the SJU residential community?  If you answered "YES!" to any of these questions, the Resident Assistant experience might be for you!

Resident Assistants, or RAs, are vital within the University as they are involved in direct and extended contact with resident students. The Resident Assistants are typically the foundation of the hall to which they have been assigned and, as representatives of the University, are interested and trained individuals who are available for advice, counsel, support and encouragement.  RAs serve as role models, mentors, peer-advisors, and programmers. They develop community among resident students and uphold our shared community standards.  The RA role is crucial to the residential experience, but it's also fun and rewarding, and provides some very real leadership skills.

Find Out What's It Like To Be A RA

We hope that you are interested in joining our RA team!  In order to become an RA candidate for the 2019-2020 academic year, students must complete the following:

1. Information Session 

Interested students are encouraged to attend an information session to begin the RA application process.  Info sessions are scheduled at the following dates and times:

Tuesday, November 6th  @ 11am, Mandeville Teletorium
Wednesday, November 14th   @ 5pm, Campion, Banquet Hall North
Thursday, November 29th   @ 11am, Wolfington, 1st Floor
Friday, November 30th   @ 3pm, Campion, Banquet Hall South
Tuesday, December 4th   @ 7pm, Campion, Center for Inclusion & Diversity
Monday, January 14th   @ 5pm, Campion, Banquet Hall South

2. Application

RA Applications will be available electronically November 26th, 2018 through January 17th, 2019. Completed applications, including recommendation forms, must be received by 4pm, January 17, 2019.  Our application will be available here on November 26th.

(If the link does not direct you to the application form, please try to open the application in a different browser and on a computer, not a phone)

3. Recommendation Form 

Applicants must provide one recommendation (each candidate is limited to one recommendation form; if we receive more than one, we will only accept the first one we received). The recommendation may be completed by a member of the Saint Joseph's University Community, or by someone else who can speak to your work ethic and leadership ability (professor, advisor, high school guidance counselor, etc. Letters written by friends or family members will not be accepted. Please note that Residential Area Managers may not be used for recommendations.  Recommendations must be received by the Office of Residence Life by January 17th at 4pm. The link to the Recommendation form is available here.

4. RA Seminar

The first part of the RA Interview process will take place through the course of 2 "RA Seminars", held over the weekend of February 2nd and 3rd. Applicants will need to attend both days. The Seminars will allow applicants to learn about the RA position, while demonstrating their qualifications and allowing the Residence Life staff to see what each applicant can bring to a Resident Assistant position.  Participation in the RA Seminar is a requirement of the selection process and does not guarantee a Resident Assistant position.  Candidates will be sent information on how to select seminar times the week of January 22nd, 2018.

5.Individual Interview

RA Applicants will participate in one individual interview.  The individual interview is a chance to answer & ask questions in a smaller setting with a member of the Residence Life professional staff & at least one current RA. These will take place between February 11th-14th, 2019.

Candidates will be sent information on how to select seminar times the week of January 21st, 2019.


All candidates will be notified of selection status and placement decisions by the beginning of March 2019.  Please feel free to speak with any member of the Residence Life staff for more information about becoming an RA.  You may also contact Elizabeth Ali, Assistant Director of Residential Education at 610-660-1060 with any specific questions or e-mail

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of our RA team!

We hope to meet you through the RA selection process!