Resident Assistants, or RAs, are vital within the University as they are involved in direct and extended contact with resident students. The Resident Assistants are typically the foundation of the hall to which they have been assigned and, as representatives of the University, are interested and trained individuals who are available for advice, counsel, support and encouragement.  RAs serve as role models, mentors, peer-advisors, and programmers. They develop community among resident students and uphold our shared community standards.  The RA role is crucial to the residential experience, but it's also fun and rewarding, and provides some very real leadership skills.

Meet the 2019-2020 RA Staff

Cardinal Campus: Sourin and Villiger Residential Centers

Residential Area Manager: Julia Cardinal

Central Campus: LaFarge Residential Center and Quirk Hall

Residential Area Manager: Max Shirey

City Ave Apartments: Rashford Hall and Lannon Hall

Residential Area Manager: TBA

Merion Campus: McShain Residential Center and Campus Houses

Residential Area Manager: Aisling Cassidy

Overbrook Campus: Ashwood Apartments, Moore Hall, and the Townhouses

Residential Area Manager: Max Shirey

West Campus: Pennbrook Apartments and Merion Gardens Apartments

Residential Area Manager: Bryana Lewin