Welcome to the housing selection resource page. During the selection process, you may have questions regarding key dates, read about some tips and hints or even how to do certain things related to the housing application.

Sophomore Selection Resources

Timeline & Checklist

Keys Dates For Selection & What You Should Be Doing

January 17th to February 12th

  • Fill out your Housing Agreement.
  • You may also start to search for roommates within the Roommate Search Feature.

February 14th

  • View your Housing Selection Date & Time within the Housing Portal.
  • Begin to view housing options through the "Browse Rooms" feature.

February 16th

February 25th

  • RLC Applications must be submitted by February 25th. If you are planning on living in an RLC, you must be approved as well as the roommate or roommates you are planning on living with

February 17th to March 23rd

  • Review your selection time on the housing application
  • Roommate request everyone you plan on living with and determine who in your group has the earliest selection time and will be selecting for your group
  • Review various housing information regarding different living options and have 3-4 ideas of where you may want to live should your first few choices not be available
  • Be sure to review all of our videos, brochures and visit the housing website for all of the housing selection information
  • Complete the Housing-Selection-Worksheet so you and your roommates are prepared

March 23rd - 27th

  • Make your Housing Selection using the earliest selection time in your group.
  • REMEMBER - you must have enough people in your roommate group to fill a space to capacity!
Tips & Tricks
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