Process for Rising Sophomores (current freshmen) 

Sophomore Housing Selection is in progress! Please review the following tips to prepare you to make your selection:

  • Your selection time will not expire, so if you are not able to select when your time first becomes available, you will still be able to access it later.
  • All room/apartment spaces must be filled to capacity. If you do not have the same number of roommates in your group as the occupancy of the space you wish to select, you will not be able to select that space.
  • If you have not yet found a roommate(s) or find yourself without a roommate(s), you may utilize the Roommate Search Feature found on the Housing Portal. There is also a Finder Binder located in the Office of Residence Life (on the ground floor of LaFarge Hall), where students may indicate their interest in finding a roommate.
  • If you are selecting a space with multiple rooms in one apartment (such as Lannon and Rashford), you must highlight all rooms before clicking the "Save and Continue" button on the "Select Room" step.
  • Prepare at least 4 back-up plans in case your first choice is not available when it is your time to select. Understand that there are not be enough apartment-style spaces for every sophomore participating in selection, so be familiar with the Campus House and Moore Hall options. Make sure that you and your future roommates are in communication and agree with the original and all back-up plans.

We understand that this process can be stressful - these tips will make your selection process go as smoothly as possible. Please know that we do have enough spaces available for all of the students participating in selection. If you are interested in a different housing option after housing selection, we will begin a Room Change Wait List on April 24th where you (and your roommate group) can submit a room change request. We will process room change requests from this list through July 31st as spaces become available.

Housing Agreements for 2017-2018 Academic Year remain available!  You may review the information at the following link for instructions to submit the Housing Agreement and basic information about the Housing Selection Process:

Housing Selection Overview

Housing Options for Rising Sophomores

The Room Search Feature is available within the Housing Portal. You may also visit the following links for additional information about SJU Housing Options:

SJU Housing Options - Provides basic floor plan and location information for all SJU Residence Halls, Campus Houses and Apartments

Room Search Quick Guide - Find the buildings that offer the rooms/apartments that will best fit your roommate group


Important dates for this process are posted on the Housing Selection Timeline page

NOTE: Saint Joseph's University has a 2-year residency requirement, therefore all current freshmen (rising sophomores) will need to complete a housing agreement on line through MySJU.   Please note that the housing agreement is binding for the entire upcoming academic year and students will not be released except for extraordinary circumstances. Any rising sophomore who does not submit an agreement by the deadline will forfeit his/her priority to participate in the Housing Selection and will be adminstratively assigned to an available space after the process has taken place in March.