First year and second year residential students must leave vehicles at their family home.  Students are prohibited from bringing their cars to campus and parking them on neighboring residential streets.  The student operator of any vehicle that is found to be parked on a neighboring residential street without a valid parking permit will be considered in violation of the Student Vehicle Policy and will be referred to the Office of Community Standards. novehicle

Restrictions on student parking are necessary at Saint Joseph's University for three basic reasons: (1) first and second year students who spend the majority of their time on campus benefit by forging relationships within residence halls and involving themselves in campus activities, campus ministry, athletics, and recreation; (2) limitations on the actual number of parking spaces on campus; and (3) out of respect for quality of life issues affecting communities adjacent to Saint Joseph's University. In limited instances, the University may extend an accommodation and issue parking permits to first and second year students. The following conditions will be considered:

  • First and second year non-residential students commuting from their family home may be issued a parking permit.
  • First and second year students who have exceptional circumstances such as state-issued handicapped plates or placards for a personal disability, or extreme family hardships as determined by the Department of Public Safety may be issued a parking permit. Employment is not considered a hardship.
  • Certain second year residential students residing in designated University facilities with sufficiently large parking lots including the Morris Quad Townhouses, Merion Gardens, Lannon and Rashford Residence Halls may be issued parking permits specific to these lots. Where the number of second year residential students residing in a University facility exceeds the number of available parking spots, provisional eligibility and permits for those lots will be awarded by lottery.

Violations of this policy are subject to tickets and fines issued by Saint Joseph's University Public Safety officers and will also be forwarded to the Office of Community Standards.

In addition, section 9-2804 of the Code of City of Philadelphia requires that all "students either provide the college or university with the model, make, and license number of any vehicles owned, operated or controlled by such student, and a copy of a current registration and valid insurance certificate for each such vehicle, or certify in writing that the student does not own, operate or control a vehicle."