Residency Requirement

Saint Joseph’s University requires that all students live in University housing their freshman and sophomore year. Research shows that students who live on campus have a higher graduation rate than those who live off campus. SJU believes that the residential living learning experience is an integral element of student engagement and academic success.  Therefore, we require that all freshman and sophomore students live in a residence hall or University apartment. Some limited exemptions to this requirement are possible.  In cases of extraordinary financial or medical need, students can request for exceptions to this requirement.  Students who are granted an exception must reside at home with a parent or legal guardian.  Requests for an exception must be submitted in writing to the Housing Agreement Review Committee, c/o the Office of Residence Life, and include supporting documentation. Students who fail or refuse to comply with the Residency Requirement and/or who furnish false information to a University official or office in connection with a request for exemption will be referred to the Community Standards Office and subject to the University disciplinary process.

Click here for more information about the Housing Release Request Process.


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