The residence center is named in honor of Rev. Edward Sourin, S.J., an early Philadelphia Jesuit, who fought to establish Catholic education in a time when Catholicism found little acceptance.

Built in 1980, this is the second oldest high-rise residence hall on campus. Sourin is centrally located on the main campus right across from the Campion student center. On the ground floor of Sourin is the Student Health Center.


Sourin Residence Center

2449 Cardinal Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19131

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Capacity: 230 residents (Co-ed)

Sourin Room Dimensions (typical)
16' Length x 12' Width

Suite style four story high-rise
Each suite contains a living room/study area and two common bathrooms to accommodate 15-17 students

Each room has the following furniture (1 per resident in room):

  • Bed (standard twin)
  • Desk & Chair
  • Shared built in closets

Floor Plans

Ground Floor

1st Floor

2nd Floor

3rd Floor