An all female house dedicated to the memory of Rev. Albert Brown, S.J., a former President of Saint Joseph's University and builder of Barbelin Hall. Acquired October 1958.


Students may choose from the following meal plan options: Unlimited Access Plan, 12-meals-per-week Plan, or 10-meals-per-week Plan.

**St. Albert's does not offer air-conditioning. Students assigned to St. Albert's may bring window and/or floor fans. Individual air-conditioning units (window, portable, freestanding) are not permitted. Any air-conditioning units found in student rooms will be confiscated.

Life In St. Albert's and Campus Houses

The Laspsley Lane Campus houses (Hogan, Jordan, St. Alberts, and Sullivan) offer students in a unique living opportunities on the Merion side of campus. Several houses offer students the opportunity to participate in Residential Learning Communities, such as the Arts RLC, and help fuel their passions. All houses have common spaces in these converted mansions to gather and study or socialize.

A Hawk Perspective

“I live in St. Alberts. It's in a great spot on Laspley lane and the house is really neat and different to live in.” - Lauren

Saint Albert's Hall

40 Lapsley Lane,
Merion Station, PA 19066

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Capacity: 21 Females

Campus house with a variety of room configurations (singles, doubles, triples)

Each room has the following furniture (1 per resident in room):

  • Bed (standard twin)
  • Desk & Chair
  • Closet and/or wardrobe with built in dresser

Floor Plans