Jordan Hall will not be available for selection for 2019-2020.

This house, acquired in October of 1959, is dedicated to the memory of Rev. P. Aloysius Jordan, S.J., a former Jesuit faculty member at the University.

Jordan Hall is the home for the Arts Residential Learning Community.


  • Kitchen with stove/oven, microwave & refrigerator
  • Lounge space
  • Basic cable television service included
  • Ethernet access
  • Building wide wireless network access
  • University meal plan required*
  • Laundry facilities
  • Vending machines

Students may choose from the following meal plan options: Unlimited Access Plan, 12-meals-per-week Plan, or 8-meals-per-week Plan.

Life In Jordan & Campus Houses

The Laspsley Lane Campus houses (Hogan, Jordan, St. Alberts, and Sullivan) offer students in a unique living opportunities on the Merion side of campus. Several houses offer students the opportunity to participate in Residential Learning Communities, such as the Arts RLC, and help fuel their passions. All houses have common spaces in these converted mansions to gather and study or socialize.

A Hawk Perspective

“I live in Jordan hall. The house is in a great location on campus on laspley lane. It is home to the arts RLC so there is cool art that the residents did around the house.  The house has a decent size kitchen everyone shares, the rooms are a decent size, and the bathrooms and living room is cleaned by the staff.” - Matthew


Jordan Hall

41 Lapsley Lane
Merion Station, PA  19066

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Capacity: House- 23 Females, Annex - 4 males

Room Configuration:
Variety of room configurations (doubles, triples, quads)

Each room has the following furniture (1 per resident in room):

  • Bed (standard twin)
  • Desk & Chair
  • Dresser
  • Closet and/or Wardrobe

Floor Plans

1st Floor

2nd Floor

3rd Floor