What You Need

A coaxial cable to connect your TV to the wall jack (not provided).

Note: Students with older Analog TVs (purchased before 2007) may need a DTA to access all the cable channels. If you need a DTA please contact the Technology Service Center by visiting www.sju.edu/it.

How do I get service?

To connect to the campus television system, please refer to the instructions in the following link:

Connecting to Cable

Note: If you have an analog TV (typically an older model that will often have a picture tube), or certain digital TV models, you will need a small set top converter box. This box has an RF input connection that you should connect to the TV outlet on the wall using a coax cable and then a second cable should be connected from the RF output on the box to your TV. We have these IVIEW boxes available to students as needed. You may request one at the IT Help Desk in the Science Center - Room 129.  Once this is connected, you will still need to run the autoprogram/scan once or twice as noted above.

You may also stream live TV directly through your computer, tablet, phone, Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon FireStick.

Set up your device!

If you have any problems, please contact the Technology Service Center by visiting www.sju.edu/it.

Cable Television System Channel Lineups (subject to change)

Cable Lineup for On-Campus Residence Halls & Apartments (CTV)

Trouble with your cable service

If you have problems with your cable service,

All Campus Residence Halls, Houses, & Apartments should refer to the Service Catalog at www.sju.edu/it.