If you wish to request an Extra-Long Bed, please complete the following. The deadline for Fall 2020 is August 1st. Requests submitted after this date will not be set up for move-in. Late requests that are approved will be set up following move-in.

Extra-Long Bed Request

If you wish to have your beds bunked, please complete the following. Bunk Bed requests for Fall 2020 will generally be accommodated following move-in. To ensure student safety, please do not attempt to bunk beds on your own.

Bunked Bed Request Form

By requesting to have your beds bunked you are acknowledging and agree to the following:
1) You understand there is some risk of injury associated with using an elevated bunked bed and you voluntarily choose to assume this risk.

2) You will be provided with an additional ladder, which is to be used to climb up to and down from the bunked bed.

3) If you no longer wish to have your beds bunked you will contact facilities management and request for your beds to be unbunked.

4) If any part of your bunked bed or ladder breaks or appears faulty, you will immediately report it to facilities management.