The Office of Residence Life manages the day-to-day housing and operational needs for the University Residence Halls and the resident student population. Our office strives to create a welcoming residential community and to maintain a comfortable and safe environment.

Housing Options
Saint Joseph's University offers its resident students four types of living accommodations; residence halls, campus houses, townhouses, and campus apartments.

All of our housing options allow residents from different backgrounds, classes and majors to live together throughout their stay at the University.   Hall members can eat together, form athletic teams, engage in social activities and share ideas and experiences.

Living in residence is, in itself, an education, for the experience raises questions and discussions about social and moral values. Residence Life at Saint Joseph’s University is not value-free; rather, it desires excellence, encourages leadership and nurtures a Christian environment focusing on the rights and needs of all hall members.  Students in residence are encouraged to follow norms of Christian morality in their behavior and to develop a set of values as their own,  remembering that respect for oneself and for others should be a basic component of daily life.

Because students bring their personalities into the residence system,  living in residence is an excellent opportunity for students to meet many people and grow to enjoy and respect individual differences.  Recognizing that such an environment can exist only when students are free to explore themselves and their surrounding,  Residence Life educates students of the responsibilities associated with freedom so that the residence halls can function as units.  To achieve this goal, the Area Coordinators, Resident Assistants and the Hall Government work as a team to foster responsibility in hall members and strive to protect the rights of the entire hall.

Freshmen Residence Halls

Apartment Buildings

Campus House

Townhouse Community