The Book Review Editors

Adrian Grafe

Adrian Grafe was educated at Oxford, Paris VII, and Caen, where his post-doc supervisor was the late, much-missed Hopkins specialist René Gallet.  He is the author of Hopkins: la profusion ténébreuse (2003), and articles, reviews and conference papers on the poet. With Emily Taylor Merriman, he co-edited Intimate Exposure: The Public-Private Divide in British Poetry 1950-2008 (2010).  He is currently an English professor at Université d’Artois in France

Emily Taylor Merriman

Emily Taylor Merriman is a Research Associate at Mount Holyoke College.  She has taught at various institutions, including San Francisco State University, Boston University, and MIT.  She has degrees from Oxford and London Universities, and she earned a PhD in Religion and Literature from Boston University in 2007.  Her published work includes essays on Gerard M. Hopkins, William, Blake, Geoffrey Hill, Linton Kwesi Johnson, and Adrienne Rich.