Earlier Volumes (1974-2016)

Table of Contents of Earlier Volumes (1974-2012)

 Vol. I (1974-1975) Vol. II (1975-76) Vol. III (1976-77) Vol. IV (1977-78) Vol. V (1978-79)
 Vol. VI (1979-80) Vol. VII (1980-81) Vol. VIII (1981-82) Vol. IX (1982-83) Vol. X (1983-84)
 Vol. XI (1984-85) Vol. XII (1985-86) Vol. XIII (1986-87) Vol. XIV (1987-88) Vol. XV (1988-89)
 Vol. XVI (1989-90) Vol. XVII (1990-91) Vol. XVIII (1991-92) Vol. XIX  (1992) Vol. XX    (1993)
Vol. XXI    (1994)  Vol. XXII  (1995) Vol. XXIII  (1996) Vol. XXIV (1997) Vol. XXV (1998)
Vol. XXVI  (1999)  Vol. XXVII (2000) Vol. XXVIII (2001) Vol. XXIX (2002) Vol. XXX (2003)
Vol. XXXI  (2004)  Vol. XXXII (2005) Vol. XXXIII (2006) Vol. XXXIV (2007) Vol. XXXV (2008)
Vol. XXXVI (2009) Vol. XXXVII (2010) Vol. XXXVIII (2011) Vol. XXXIX (2012) Vol. XL (2013)
Vol. XLI (2014) Vol. XLII (2015) Vol. XLIII (2016)


Vol. I (1974-75)

Volume I No. 1 (July, 1974)

Introduction 3
The Present state of Hopkins Scholarship E. Cohen 5
Grammar, Semantics, and the Poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins, R. Gunter 23
The Art of Sinking in “The Wreck of the Deutschland,” F.X. Shea, S.J. 37
To see the stranger….,” B. Litzinger 41
St. Ignatius Loyola and the Victorian Temper: Hopkins’ Windhover as symbol of “Diabolic Gravity” A.G.Sulloway 43
Forum 52

Volume I No. 2 (July, 1974)

Introduction 59
Forum 60
Bird, Horse, and Chevalier in Hopkins’ “Windhover,” Walter J. Ong, S.J. 61
Gerard Manley Hopkins and his Circle of Literary Associates:Literary Data Bank at the University of Wisconsin Todd K. Bender 77
Romantic Structure and Theme in Hopkins’ Poetry Louis Rader 93

Volume I No. 3 (October, 1974)

Biblical Imagery of Water in “The Wreck of the Deutschland,” Peter Milward, S.J. 115
Hopkins’ Theory of ‘Antithetical Parallelism,’ Sr. Marcella m. Holloway 121
Forum 136
Beatific Landscapes in Hopkins, Part One David A. Downes 137

Volume I  No. 4 (January, 1975)

Hopkins’ Victorian Language James Milroy 167
Forum 182
The Death if God, “Ground of being,” and Pigeon Feathers,” Norman Weyand, S.J 183
Beatific Landscapes in Hopkins, part Two David A.Downes 185

Vol. II (1975-76)

Volume II  No. 1 (April, 1975)

Introduction 3
Hopkins, Millais, and Modernity Jerome Bump 5
Forum 20
The Ignation Meditation Pattern in the Poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins, M.B. McNames, S.J. 21
Harry Ploughman’s Muscles Norman White 29
Evil and Idolatry in the “The Windhover,” Emily K. Yoder 33

Volume II  No. 2 (July, 1975)

Hopkins’ Dramatic Monologues Florence K. Riddle 51
Hopkins’ and Carlyle: My Hero, My Chevalier David J. DeLaura 67
Forum 77
Announcements 78
Romantic Structure and Theme in “The Windhover,” Norman White 79
The Cow, the Finch, and the Trout in “Pied Beauty,” Emily K. Yoder 93

Volume II  No. 3 (October, 1975)

The Imperative Voice -An Unpublished Lecture Hopkins, Norman H. MacKenzie 101
Forum David J. DeLaura 117
Selving As Individuation in Hopkins: A Jungian Reading Max Keith Sutton 119
Henry King’s “The Exequy”: A Source for Hopkins’ “The Leaden
Echo and the Golden Echo,”
Shyamal Bagchee 131

Volume II No. 4 (January, 1976)

Credits 141
Gerard Manley Hopkins: A Comprehensive Bibliography Tom Dunne 143
An Importalized Shipwreck: One Century Later Sister Marcelia M. Holloway, CSJ 153
Announcements 161
Activity in Silence: G. M. Hopkins’ Journal, 1866-1875 John Ferns 163
The Problem of Motivation in the “No Worst, There is None,” Francis Fike 175

Vol. III (1976-77)

Volume III  No. 1 (April, 1976)

Gerard Manley Hopkins’ Poetry and the Christian Apostleship R.N. Egudu 3
Credits 18
“….As a Tree Whose Boughs in the Sky,” Carl Sutton 19
Orion of Light: the Patmorean Flavor in Hopkins’ “Wreck,” James W. Parians 23
Sound and Sense in “Pied Beauty,” Elizabeth D. Dunlap 35

Volume III  No. 2 (July , 1976)

The Diagram of a Mind R.K.R.Thornton 47
Sexuality and Inscape Wendell Stacy Johnson 59
Credits 66
The Selfless Self: Hopkins’ Late Sonnets Robert H.Goldsmith 67
Correction 76
An Important Echo in Hopkins’ “The Windhover,” Louis Rader 77
Rare Book Available 80

Volume III  No. 3 (October, 1976)

The lost Autograph of “The Wreck of the Deutschland” and Its First Readers Norman H. MacKenzie 91
Credits 116
The Hermeneutics of “Spelt from Sibyl’s Leaves,” Gary L. Stonum 117

Volume III  No. 4 (January, 1977)

Grace and Beauty in “The Wreck of the Deutschland”: A Centenary Estimation David A. Downes 139
Editors’ Note 156
A Chronological Bibliography of Hopkins Criticism Susan I. Schultz 157

Vol. IV (1977-78)

Volume IV  No. 1 (Spring , 1977)

The Logos in ” The Wreck of the Deutschland,” Michael R. Baker 3
Hopkins’ “Dead Letters,” Edward proffitt 16
The Sound of Oneself Breathing: The Burden of Theological Metaphor in Hopkins Paul L. Mariani 17
Young Hopkins, Anglican Student : ” –I am like a Slip of comet,” Margaret C. Patterson 27

Volume IV No. 2 (Summer, 1977)

Juvenilia of the Family of Gerard Manley Hopkins Patricia L. Skarda 39
The Science of a Sacrament James Leggio 55
Centenary Celebrations of “The Wreck of the Deutschland,” Jerome Bump 69

Volume IV Nos. 3 and 4 (Fall & Winter, 1977-78)

Hopkinsian Biography and the Grounds of Our Being: A study
of Representative Biographical Materials, Priorities, and Techniques
Alison G. Sulloway 83
Hopkins Biography: Progress and Possibilities Richard F. Giles 127
Cast by Conscience Out R.K.R.Thornton 132
Hopkins’ Epithalamion Norman White 141
Hopkins at Oxford, 1863-1867: His Formal Studies Michael Allsopp 161
Towards a Hopkins Biography: An Unpublished Letter, and a Catalogue of the Texas Collection Jerome Bump 177

Vol. V (1978-79)

Volume V  No. 1 (Spring, 1978)

Introduction 3
The Topic of Platonism: The Origins and Use of Hopkins’ “Scape” Thomas A. Zaniello 5
Forum R.K.R.Thornton 17
Hopkins and the “here/Buckel!” of Creation Gerard Monsman 23
How Leaden Is Your Echo? R.K.R. Thornton 33

Volume V  No.2 (Summer, 1978)

Tone and Contrast in Hopkins’ “The Starlight Night,” Edward Proffitt 47
A Phenomenological Approach to Hopkins and Yeats Robert W. Hill 51
Hopkins’ Defence of Wordsworth’s Great Ode Marcella M. Holloway, CSJ 69
A Note on the Relationship between “The Windhover” and “Hurrahing in Harvest,” R. Gallet 75
A Reading of “Plough Down Sillion Shine,” Nathan Cervo 79
Hopkins and Dowden: A Connection Not Made David J. Delaura 82

Volume V No. 3 (Fall, 1978)

A Hopkins Bibliography: 1974-1977 87

Volume V No. 4 (Winter, 1979)

Belief and Imagination in “The Windhover,” John M. Warner 127
“The Wreck of the Deutschland”: Stanza 8 and 21 Edward Proffitt 139
Catalogue of the Hopkins Collection in the Humanities Research Centre of the University of Texas Jerome Bump 141
Hopkins and Shakespeare: A Note on “God’s Grandeur,” Caroline Zilboorg 153

Vol. VI (1979-80)

Volume VI No. 1 (Spring, 1979)

Hopkins at Highgate: Bibliographical Fragments Michael Allsopp 3
Gerard Manley Hopkins at Mount St. Mary’s College Spinkhill, 1877-1878, Francis Keegan, S.J. 11
The Jaded Muse: Hopkins at Stonyhurst Gerald Roberts 35

Volume VI No. 2 (Summer, 1979)

Hopkins and Nietzsche: A Reflection Donald Walhout 51
A Checklist of Materials relating to the Hopkins Family in the State Archives of Hawaii Eugene R. August 61

Volume VI  No. 3 (Fall, 1979)

A Hopkins Bibliography:1978 Ruth Seelhammer 95
Recovering Hopkins, Recovering Ourselves Michael Lynch 107
Newman and the “Second Spring” of Hopkins’s Poetry Michael D. Moore 119

Volume VI No. 4 (Winter, 1980)

Instress and Its Place in the Poetics of Gerard Manley Hopkins Leonard Cochram, O.P. 143
Hopkins’s “Dappled-with-Damson West” (“The Wreck of Deutschland”, Stanza 5) Edward Proffitt 183

Vol. VII (1980-81)

Volume VII  No. 1 (Spring, 1980)

Introduction 3
“The Selfless self of self” in Hopkins’ Two Beautiful Young People Penelope Tzougros 5
“Where art thou friend, whom I shall never see, “ Rudy Bremer 9
The Scientific Background of Hopkins’ “Loss of the Eurydice”: Two Documents Thomas A. Zaniello 15
Spring and Fall, 1980 Peter Milward, S.J 29
Enter Hopkins, Laughing Peter Milward, S.J 33

Volume VII  No. 2 ( Summer, 1980)

Chatter with a Just Lord: Hopkins’ Final Sonnets of Quiescent terror Jeffrey B. Loomis 47
The Sonnet of “Endeavour”: “Thou are indeed just, Lord,…,” Kunio Shimane 65

Volume VII  No. 3 (Fall, 1980)

Hopkins’ “immortal diamond”: A Poetic Use of Science D.C.Haggo 91
Redemption Versus Retribution: St. 6 of “The Wreck of the Deutschland,” Edward Proffitt 97
The Game-Motif in G.M. Hopkins’ Sonnets Marcella M. Holloway 101
“Felix Randal” and the Creative Spirit: A Centenary Study Michael Allsopp 108
Hopkins and William Butterfield Rudy Bremer 119

Volume VII  No. 4 (Winter, 1981)

Hopkins and his Circle: A Bibliography for 1979 Ruth Seelhammer 135
Hopkins’ Carrion Comfort Robert Rogers 143
A Note on How Hopkin’s Contemporaries Understood Jesuit Spirituality Philip Endean. S.J. 166

Vol. VIII (1981-82)

Volume VIII No. 1 (Spring, 1981)

Notes on the Aftermath of the Wreck of the Deutschland Philip Martin 9
The Moving Image: Hopkins as Cinematographer Edward Proffitt 21
Hopkins’ Anglo-Saxon William A.Quinn 25
Catholic Humanism in “The Windhover” and “God’s Grandeur” Nathan Cervo 33

Volume VIII  No. 2 (Summer, 1981)

Hopkins and Nietzsche: Further Considerations Edward J. Parkinson 43
Hopkins’ Earliest Memorial: The Jesuit Obituary of 1890 Joseph J. Feeney, S.J 53
Hopkins and the Prosody of Sir Thomas Wyatt: A Chapter in the Ancestry of Sprung Rhythm Norman H. MacKenzie 63
Hopkins and Yeats: Pre-Raphaelite Influence and Poetic Experience Jeanne Carter Emmons 74

Volume VIII  No. 3 (Fall, 1981)

From Ruskin to Hopkins Wendell Stacy Johnson 89
The Spirituality of Gerard Manley Hopkins Philip Endean, S.J. 107

Volume VIII  No. 4 (Winter, 1982)

The Influence of the Music of Henry Purcell on the Poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins H.Wendell Howard 137
Hopkins’s Homonyms in “The Wreck” Carolyn Holdsworth 155
Hopkins in the Netherlands and Flanders Leo van Noppen 165

Vol. IX(1982-83)

Volume IX  No. 1 (Spring, 1982)

Uniform Line-Lengths in Hopkins’ Sonnets? Edward A. Stephenson 7
Grades, Academic Reform, and Manpower: Why Hopkins Never Completed His Course in Theology Joseph J. Feeney, S.J. 21

Volume IX  No. 2 (Summer, 1982)

A Hopkins Bibliography for 1980 Ruth Seelhammer 43
Further Correspondence of Manley Hopkins William Foltz 51
The Countryman as Hero: A Note Gerald Roberts 79

Volume IX No.  3 (Fall, 1982)

Hopkins’ Musical Setting of “The Battle of the Baltic” Michael Dunham 87
Gerard Manley Hopkins and the Irish Row Norman White 91
Gerard Manley Hopkins and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in Liverpool Sjaak Zonneveld 109

Volume IX  No.4 (Winter, 1983)

The Blandyke Papers : An Addition to the Bibliography of Essays on Hopkins Joseph J. Feeney, S.J. 127
The Stonyhurst Philosophers Thomas Zaniello 133

Vol. X (1983-84)

Volume X No. 1 (Spring, 1983)

The Crux of “The Windhover” William A. Quinn 7
Hopkin’s Hidden Heart: A Source Edward Proffitt 23

Volume X  No. 2 (Summer, 1983)

Hopkins and Herbert: Two Meditative Poets Mary Ann Rygiel 45
Scotistic Elements in the Poetry of Hopkins Nathan Cervo 55
A propos de I’instress(et de l’inscape) Rene Gallet 69
A Note on “God’s Grandeur” and D.G. Rossetti’s ‘On Refusal of Aid between Nations” Nathan Cervo 77

Volume X No. 3 (Fall, 1983)

Wording it How”: The Possibilities of Utterance in The Wreck of the Deutschland Rachel Salmon 87
“Where art thou friend, whom I shall never see” Andrew Hickman 109
Halfway to a New Land: Herbert, Tennyson, and the Early Hopkins Wendell Stacy Johnson 115

Volume X  No. 4 (Winter, 1984)

“The Windhover” as Carmen Figuratum William A. Quin 127
When God is Hero: Worshipping God as Hero in Carlyle and Hopkins John S. Tanner 145

Vol. XI (1984-85)

Volume XI Nos. 1  and 2 (Spring & Summer, 1984)

Linguistic Deviations in Hopkins’ Poetry M.A. Yadugiri 3
Review 31
A Defense of Hopkins’ “Brothers,” Jeffrey B.Loomis 34
A Note on Spooner and Hopkins Sjaak Zonneveld 35
Forum 45

Volume XI Nos.  3 and  4 (Fall 1984-Winter, 1985)

Perichoresis and the Poetry of Hopkins Peter Erb 67
Forum 79
Hopkins’ Frequent Reassignments as a Priest Joseph J. Feeney, S.J 101
Hopkins and Newman’s Oxford Oratory Sjaak Zonneveld 119

Vol. XII (1985-86)

Volume XII  Nos. 1 and 2 (April-July, 1985)

Editor’s Introduction 3
“A Sea of Glass Mingled with Fire”: Hopkins and Vaughan Marietta Patrick 5
Three days in the Life of Milicent Hopkins Norman White 17
Creaturely Inseeing in the Poetry of G.M Hopkins D.H. Lawrence, and Ted Hughes, Alan Heuser 35
A Reading of Hopkins’ “The Sheperd’s Brow,” Nathan Cervo 53

Volume XII  Nos. 3 and 4 (October 1985-January, 1986)

In Memoria 63
Frozen Fire: The Paradoxical Equation of ” That Nature is a Heraclitean Fire and of the comfort of the Resurrection,” Rachel Salmon 65
The Foundational Pattern of “God’s Grandeur,” Thomas J. Steele, S.J 80
Modes of Religious Response in Hopkins’s Poetry Donald Walhout 83
A World of Difference(s): Images of Instress in Hopkins’ Poetry Leonard Cochran 94
The Blissful Agony of Hopkins: Notes of a Neo-Reactionary Trevor McNeely 97
Perspectives of Symbol and Allegory in “The Windhover” James Walter 115

Vol. XIII (1986-87)

Volume XIII  Nos. 1 and 2 (April-July, 1986)

Hopkins the Athlete Norman White 3
Looking at Hopkins’ Wreck through LANGUAGE Eli Goldblatt 5
“The Ecstacy of interest”: Contemplation as parallelism’s Praxis Maria R. Lichtmann 21
A Note on the Angelus prayer in “The Blessed Virgin compared to the Air we Breathe” Clarence H. Miller 47
Hopkins Errata and Failures Norman White 51

Volume XIII Nos. 3 and  4 (October 1986- January, 1987)

The Ethical Dilemma in The Wreck of the Deutschland James Cowles 67
Hopkins” “Failure” in Theology: Some New Archival Data and a Reevaluation Joseph J. Feeney, S.J. 99
“Look at it loon there”: The image of the Wave in the Wreck of the Deutschland James Finn Cotter 115

Vol. XIV (1987-88)

Volume XIV Nos. 1-4 (April 1987- January, 1988)

Introduction 1
“A Spirit Touched to Fine Issues”: Toward the Dublin Years Alison G. Sulloway 4
Hopkins: An English Jesuit Going to Ireland W.A.M. Peters, S.J. 19
Hopkins in 1884 Bernard Bergonzi 29
Spiritual Mysteries in Hopkins’s Dublin Years: 1885 David A. Downes 37
The Dublin Years:1886 R.K.R. Thornton 55
Towards a Hopkins Biography for 1887 Norman White 65
1888: The Heraclitean Fire of Nature and the Grace of Resurrection Peter Milward, S.J. 77
1889: Poetry as Biography and as Letter Norman White 85
Dublin in the 1880s Mary Daly 95
Dublin and Hopkins in the 1880s R.K.R.Thornton 105
Hopkins and the Condition of England Gerald Roberts 113
Hopkins’s Political Ideas Franco Marucci 127
Classical Studies and Culture in Dublin in the 1880s J.A. Richmond 145
Hopkins’s Teaching Grainne O’Flynn 163
Hopkins’s Dublin Notes on Homer Warren Anderson 179
Hopkins’s Friends and Colleagues J. Morrissey, S.J. 193
Hopkins’s Closest Friend in Ireland: Robert Curtis, S.J. Joseph Feeney, S.J. 211

Vol. XV (88-89)

Volume XV # 1-4 (April 1988-January, 1989)

Introduction 5
Hopkins’ Dublin letters: A Study in Epistolary Style Pilar Abad Garcia 7
Phonetic Effects in Hopkins’s Terrible Sonnets Kunio Shimane 30
“Schooled at forepangs”: The Metaphysic of Hopkins’s Darkest Dublin Poems Michael D. Moore 47
A New perspective on “Cliffs of Fall”- July 17, 1884 Joaquin Kuhn 61
“No worst, there is none…”: A Reassessment Rene Gallet 73
“To what serves Mortal Beauty?”: A Reworded Reply from Scotist Natural Philosophy Akiko Tsutsumi 83
Action and Beauty: Readings of “To what serves Mortal Beauty?” and “On the Portrait of two Beautiful Young People,” Donald Walhout 97
Hopkins’s Dublin Military Poems Rudy Bremer 111
Hopkins’s Greek Poem Wiliam Foltz 125
“Spelt from Sibyl’s Leaves”: Midlife Crisis and Apocalyptic Vision Eugene R. August 139
The Two Sonnets of 1887: Mannerism Successful and Unsuccessful Graham Storey 155
“Bright Lines”: A Re-reading of Hopkins’s “Epithalamion,” John Ferns 165
The Saving of the Innocents: Poetics and the Conscience of Gerard Manley Hopkins Rachel Salmon 179
Pretended Poise: “Thou art indeed just, Lord….,” Leo van Noppen 201
Images that Wake in the Last Thress Poems of Hopkins Lionel Adey 207

Vol. XVI (1989-90)

Volume XVI Nos. 1  and 2 (April – July, 1989)

A Hopkins Bibliography Pamela Palmer 5
“Sweet especial rural scene”: Revisiting Binsey Jude V. Nixon 39

Volume XVI No. 3 (October, 1989)

Hopkins’ Aesthetic Thoery Macro Grazios 71
“The terror by night”: A Reading of “I wake and feel the fell of dark, not day” Edward W. Goggin 89

Volume XVI  No. 4 (January, 1990)

Scanning Sprung Rythm: A Hearing for Gerard Manley Hopkins Brewster Ghiselin 109
The Mixed Emotions of Hopkin’s “Portrait of Two Beautiful Young People,” Catherine Phillips 137
“The ooze of oil Crushed”; Hopkins’ Refurbishment of the “Lady” of Troubadour Poets Nathan Cervo 147

Vol. XVII (1990-91)

Volume XVII  No. 1 and 2 (April – July, 1990)

Hopkins and his Circle: A Bibliography for 1987 Pamela Palmer 9
Problems of Translatability and Interpretation in Gerard Manley Hopkins Raffaella Baccolini 19
No Haven for Hopkins: A Study of Violence and Self-Division in “A Vision of the Mermaids,” Kaye Kossick 35
The Avoidance of what’s Difficult: Critical Response to Hopkins’ “Henry Purcell,” Suzanne Ferriss 49

Volume XVII  No. 3 (October, 1990)

The Wreck of the Deutschland and Inspired Language Lori-Ann Bumstead 69
The Cloven Pomegranate: Metaphor in the Poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins Jeanne Emmons 85

Volume XVII No. 4 (January, 1991)

“The Proportion of the Mixture”: Stress and Slack in the Perception and Poetics of Hopkins Lorraine Janzen Kooistra 113
A Note on the Non-Virgilian Figura of “Spelt from Sibyl’s Leaves,” Nathan Cervo 127
The Mystery of “It” in The Wreck of the Deutschland, James Finn Cotter 131
“O Ubi? Nusquam” and “Binsey Poplars”: Influence or Approximation Jude V. Nixon 139

Vol. XVIII (1991-92)

Volume XVIII  Nos .1 and 2 (April – July 1991)

In Memoriam: Carl Sutton Tom Whitlock 5
A New Catalogue of the Hopkins Collection at Campion Hall Oxford Lesley Higgins 9
A Hopkins Bibliography: 1988 Pamela Palmer 45

Volume XVIII No. 3 (October, 1991)

Hopkins Worldwide: The Centenary Celebrations of 1989 Joseph J. Feeney, S.J. 73
“I know the sadness, but the cause know not”: Reflections on Hopkins’s Melancholy Gerald Roberts 97

Volume XVIII No. 4 (January, 1992)

“The Leaden Echo and the Golden Echo”- Hopkins, Vision of a Christian Aesthetic James Hanvey, S.J. 137
The Idea of Nature in Hopkins’s “The Blessed Virgin compared to the Air we Breather” Christopher Strathman 157

Vol. XIX (1992)

Volume XIX  Nos. 1-4  (Winter-Fall, 1992 (published 1995))

Gerard Manley Hopkins:  The Dublin Notes on Homer  Edited, with Commentary Warren D. Anderson
Preface IX
Text and Critical Apparatus   1
Commentary  67
Appendix:  The Pronunciation of Classical Greek 123

Vol. XX (1993)

Volume XX No. 1 and 2 (Winter-Spring, 1993 (published 1995))

“What I do is me”: Scotist Elements in the Poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins Thomas Doyle, S.J. 3
A Hopkins Bibliography: 1989 Pamela Palmer 23
Forum: James Finn Cotter 38
Hopkins and All Saints’ Babbacombe Norman White 40
“Sweating Selves”: Hopkins’ Rebuff of Gnosticism Nathan Cervo 44

Volume XX No. 3 and 4 (Summer-Fall, 1993 (published 1995))

The Parents and Early Background of Gerard Manley Hopkins,Norman White Introduction 63
Part-1: Kate Smith 63
Part-2: Manley Hopkins 84
Part-3: Oak Hill, Hampstead 97
The Dangerous Conflict between Nature and Grace in Hopkins’ Poetry, Nathan Cervo 115

Vol. XXI (1994)

Volume XXI Nos. 1 and 2 (Winter-Spring, 1994 (published 1996))

Hopkins and Friends at Oxford: A New Perspective Lesley Higgins 3
G.M.Hopkins’ “Spring” as a May-Day Poem Clarence H. Miller 23
A Hopkins Bibliography 1990 Pamela Palmer 29

Volume XXI Nos. 3 and 4 (Summer-Fall, 1994 (published 1996))

Hopkins and the Numinous: A Consideration of the Poetry in the Light of Rudolf Otto’s The Idea of the Holy James R. Cowles 43
Uncommon Lives: Fr Hopkins and Fr. Bacon Lesley Higgins 77

Vol. XXII (1995)

Volume XXII # 1-2 (Winter-Spring, 1995 (published 1996))

Manl(e)y Mortal Beauty: Hopkins as Tractarian Aesthete Maureen F. Moran 3
In Memoriam: Jean-Georges Ritz (1906-1994) Rene Gallet 30
Familiar Hopkins: The Popular Use of His Poetry Francis L. Fennell 31
Another Link Between Hopkins and Newman Tom Zaniello 43

Volume XXII Nos. 3 and 4 (Summer-Fall, 1995 (published 1996))

“There lives the dearest freshness deep down things”: Articulating the Distinctions Between Man and the Things of Nature Rebecca Boggs 53
The Resistance of the Words: Hopkins’s “(Carrion Comfort)” Troy L. Thibodeaux 79

Vol. XXIII (1996)

Volume XXIII Nos. 1 and 2 (Winter-Spring, 1996)

Four Newfound Hopkins Letters: An Annotated Edition, with Fragment of Another Letter Joseph J. Fenney, S.J 3
No. Date Page
I To Frs. William Shapter, Charles de Lapasture,
Francis Goldie, S.J.
17 Aug. 1882 4
II To Fr. Mathew Russel, S.J. 10 Oct. 1886 18
III To Cardinal Newman 20 Feb. 1888 23
IV To Fr. Francis Goldie, S.J. 20 Sept. 1888 28
V [Fragment] To An [Unknown] Fellow Jesuit Undated 33
Electronic Hopkins R.J.C. Watt 41
Wordsworth and Hopkins’ “To What Serves Mortal Beauty?” Ernest Fontana 61

Volume XXIII Nos. 3 and 4 (Summer-Fall, 1996)

The Bischoff Collection at Gonzaga University: A Preliminary Account Joseph J. Feeney, S.J 71
In Memoriam: The Rev. Anthony D. Bischoff, S.J. (1910-1993) Norman H. Mackenzie 93
Hopkins as The Crow of Maenefa Norman White 113
Hopkins Bibliography 1991 Pamela Palmer 121

Vol. XXIV (1997)

Volume XXIV Nos. 1 and 2 (Winter-Spring, 1997)

A “Passion for Explanation”: Issues of “Audience” in the Poetry and Letters of Gerard Manley Hopkins Janet Denford 3
Coventry Patmore and the Politics of Despair Gerard Roberts 26
Hopkins’s Manliness: “Binsey Poplars” and Macbeth Brian Green 34
A Hopkins Bibliography 1992-1993 Pamela Palmer 38

Volume XXIV Nos. 3and 4 (Summer-Fall, 1997)

The Perceptual Origins of Insight Barbara Boehnke 71
The Dublin Notes on Homer: Part II Fredric W. Schlatter, S.J. 95

Vol. XXV (98)

Volume XXV Nos. 1and 2 (Winter-Spring, 1998)

Preface to the Jubilee Volume: As Kingfishers Catch Fire 3
Hopkins as Lifeline Paul Mariani 7
Why Hopkins Matters Michael Moore 14
A Hopkins Apprenticeship Catherine Phillips 17
Hopkins and Me: How and Why Norman White 20
Hopkins in My Life and Work Alan Heuser 23
Hopkins and I Peter Milward, S.J. 27
Hopkins made Me Kunio Shimane 30
Coming to Hopkins Gerald Roberts 34
For the Celebratory Issue Alison G. Sulloway 37
Stumbling on Hopkins Cary Plotkin 42
Swimming and Driving with the Hopkins Joseph J. Feeney, S.J. 44
Hopkins and I Ron Hansen 47
Why Hopkins Matters to me Sjaak Zonneveld 49
Birth of a Brain: Finding Hopkins Finding Self Jude V. Nixon 53

Volume XXV # 3-4 (Summer-Fall, 1998)

Preface to Part Two of the Jubilee Volume 63
Reading Hopkins: A Dialogue Between two Traditions Rachel Salmon 68
Why Hopkins Matters to Me Lionel Adey 76
Hopkins’ Poetry: “I Cannot Choose but Hear” Francis L. Fennell 80
Postmodern Indeterminacy and the Search fro Meaning: Why Hopkins Matters to Me Howard W. Fulweiler 84
Reading Hopkins James Finn Cotter 88
Hopkins: A Reader Responds Jerome Bump 91
Why Hopkins and Me? David Anthony Downes 94
Hopkins Gladly Performed Ernest Ferlita, S.J. 99
Hopkins and Me R.K.R. Thornton 103
My Hopkins Apprenticeship Franco Marucci 106
A memoir about Hopkins Donald Walhout 109
Why Hopkins Matters to Me John Ferns 112
How I Came, By others’ Wisdom and Kindness, To Be a (Novice) Hopkins Scholar Michael E. Allsopp 116
The Master of Inscapes Joaquin Kuhn 120
Catching Up with Hopkins Tom Zaniello 124

Vol. XXVI (1999)

Volume XXVI # 1-2 (Winter-Spring, 1999)

The Rhythm of the “Eurydice,” Peter Milward, S.J. 3
In Memoriam: Donald E. Stanford R.W.Crump 22
Orion Behind the Lattices:Stanza 21 of “The Wreck of the Deutschland,” James Finn Cotter 24
The Idea of ‘Musicality’ in Hopkins’ Verse Christopher R. Wilson 27
Review 56

Volume XXVI Nos.  3 and 4 (Summer-Fall, 1999)

G.M. Hopkins as a Metaphysical Poet Rene Gallet 63
Insisting on Orthodoxy: Robert Bridges’ Edition of Digby Dolben’s Poetry Margaret Johnson 82
A Hopkins Bibliography 1994-1995 Pamela Palmer 102
In Memoriam: Ruth E. Seelhammer David Anthony Downes 123
In Memoriam: Robert Bernard Martin Lesley J. Higgins 128

Vol. XXVII (2000)

Volume XXVII Nos. 1 and 2 (Winter-Spring, 2000)

Alpine Art and Science: Hopkins’ Swiss Adventure Tom Zaniello 3
The Gratitude for Influence: Hopkins in the Work of Anthony Burgess John J. Stinson 18
“World-Mothering Air”: The Virgin Mary as Poetic Image Leo M. Manglaviti, S.J 44
Michael Moore: Gerard Manley Hopkins and Tractarian Poetry Margaret Johnson 54
James Finn Cotter: Hopkins Idealism: Philosophy, Physics, Poetry Daniel Brown 58

Volume XXVII Nos. 3 and 4 (Summer-Fall, 2000)

Gerard Manley Hopkins:  Poetic Fragments, Comments on Lucan and Cicero, Essay on Duty  Edited with Commentary Frederic W. Schlatter, S.J.
 Introduction:  Hopkins as a Classicist   1
      Tristi tu, memini  12
      Quid fies? Abero  13
      From [St. Dorothea]  15
        A.  Analysis of speeches:  text   27
              Textual Variants   23
               Commentary   25
         B.  Caesar’s Forces etc.:  text   27
              Textual Variants  29
               Commentary   30
          A.  Annotations on the lines of Lucan:  text   33
               Textual Variants   35
               Commentary   35
          B.  Annotations on the editors’ notes:  text   40
               Textual Variant   41
                Commentary   41
           C.  Annotations on Klein’s lecture text   41
                 Textual Variants   42
                 Commentary   43
 Summary   47
        Text   53
         Essay on Duty   54-57
          Textual Variants [on De officiis]   58
          Textual Variants [Essay on Duty]   58
          Textual Variants [on De officiis] Continued   60
          Commentary   60
               (1) on the text of 1.1-7   60
               (2) on the notion of duty not dealt with by Cicero   61
                     a.  Prolegomenon to Commentary [Essay on Duty]   61
                      b.  Commentary [Essay on Duty]   72
                (3) on the text of 1.19 and 87   79
                (4) on the text of 2.40 and 48   80
                (5)  on the text of 3.10 and 47   80
      Text   81
       Textual Variants   88
       Commentary   89

Vol. XXVIII (2001)

Volume XXVIII Nos. 1 and 2 (Winter-Spring, 2001)

Musical Responses to Hopkins Francis L. Fennell andJennifer M. Stolpa 3
A Hopkins Bibliography 1996-1997 Pamela Palmer 55
Pilar Abad: Poesia e Sovversione: Christina Rossetti, Gerard Manley Hopkins Mariaconcetti Costantin 72
Philip Endean, S.J.: The poem as Sacrament:The Theological Aesthetic of Gerard Manley Hopkins Philip A. Ballinger 75
Maureen F. Moran: A Queer Chivalry: The Homoerotic Asceticism of Gerard Manley Hopkins Julia F. Savile 81

Volume XXVIII Nos. 3 and 4 (Summer-Fall, 2001)

The Power of Trenching Sounds in “The Sea and the Skylark,” Kunio Shimane 89
A More Rational Hope: The Influence of George MacDonald’s Novel Phantastes on Hopkins’s Short Story “The Dolphin,” Nathan R. Eliot 103
“The city tires to death”: Images of Urbanization and Natural Corruption in Hopkins’ Work Mariaconcetta Costantini 114
Gravity and Grace in the Poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins Eynel Wardi 130

Vol. XXIX (2002)

Volume XXIX Nos. 1 and 2 (Winter-Spring, 2002)

Gerard Manley Hopkins’ ” ‘Consule Jones’ “: A Critical Edition with Introduction and Commentary Joseph J. Feeney, S.J. 3
An Unpublished Hopkins Couplet, “To Jesus on my bed I sue”: A Critical Edition Joseph J. Feeney,S .J. 21
Hopkins’ Translation of Horace’s “Odi profanum Vulgus,” Nathan A. Cervo 25
Reading “the unshapeable shock night”: Symbolic Action and “The Wreck” of G.M. Hopkins Andrew Sean Davidson 31
Hopkins at the Bar: The Case of Missing Will Fredric W. Schlatter, S.J. 53

Volume XXIX Nos. 3 and 4 (Summer-Fall, 2002)

Martial Klein, Hopkins’ Duplin Colleague Fredric W. Schaltter, S.J. 69
The Ploughman as Chevalier: A Note on the Motif of “Buckling” in”The Windhover” and “Harry Ploughman,” Nathan A. Cervo 106
Gerard Manley Hopkins: Poetry as Music Fiona Vance 109
James Finn Cotter: Poetry as Prayer: Gerard Manley Hopkins Maria Lichtmann 126
Nathan R. Elliot: G.M. Hopkins: An Inventory of the Anthony Bischoff Research Collection at Gonzaga University Stephanie Edwards Plowman 130
Mariaconcetta Costantini:On the Wings of Faith. A Study of the Man-God Relationship in the poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins Aleksandra Kedzierska 132

Vol. XXXX (2003)

Volume XXX Nos. 1 and 2 (Winter-Spring, 2003)

A Kierkegaardian Reading of Hopkins’ “Terrible Sonnets,” Michelle Faubert 3
Heavenly Bodies in “The Windhover,” Sarah Winters 31
William Cowper’s “The Poplar-Field” and Hopkins’ “Binsey Poplars”: The Politics of Pastoral, Arnd Bohm 45
R.K.R. Thornton: Hopkins in Wales Norman White 59

Volume XXX # 3-4 (Summer-Fall, 2003)

French Translation of Hopkins Wins major Literary Award 67
Hopkins on Warfare: “the war within” Bernadette Waterman Ward 72
Gerard among the Puseyites: New Light from Old Archives on Hopkins’ Undergraduate Religion Peter Groves 83
Hopkins’ Dublin Critic, Joseph Darlington S.J. Fredric W. Schlatter, S.J. 98
Adrian Grafe: Hopkins in Ireland Norman White 127
Michael Culhane: World as Word: Philosophical Theology in Gerard Manley Hopkins Bernadette Waterman Ward
Samira B. McCarthy: Hopkins Variations: Standing round a Waterfall Joaquin kuhn, Joseph J. Feeney, S.J., eds 135
In Memoriam: Walter J. Ong, S.J. The Editors 138
In Memoriam: Marcella M. Holloway, C.S.J. The Editors 138

Vol. XXXI (2004)

Volume XXXI Nos. 1, 2, 3 and 4 (Winter, Spring Summer and Fall, 2004)

Forward Cary Plotkin ix
Norman Hugh MacKenzie, 1915-2004: An Incongruous Life Lesley Higgins xv
Hopkins, Tradition and the Individual Talent Bernard Bergonzoni 1
Poetry and Religious Work: Defamiliarizing Hopkins’sThe Wreck of the Deutschland Rachel Salmon 11
“What Can I But Enumerate Old Themes?” R.K.R. Thornton 31
Ametaphoricity and Presence in Hopkins’s Poetics Cary Plotkin 43
Hopkins’s Sense of Divine Action Rene Gallet 69
Hopkins and the Problem of Singularity Daniel Brown 83
“To prove him with hard questions”: Degrees of Answerability in Hopkins’s Writings Lesley Higgins 97
Hopkins and Augustine James Finn Cotter 127
“A World Undone”: Earth and Utterance in Hopkins Michael D. Moore 143
“Believe me very sincerely yours”: Gerard Manley Hopkins as Letter-Writer Catherine Phillips 157
Ecstasy and Exultation: “The May Magnificat” Kunio Shimane 167
Scarlet Geraniums and the “Mother of Muses”: Hopkins in Wales, 1874-1877 Joseph J. Feeney, S.J 181

Vol. XXXII (2005)

Volume XXXII Nos. 1 and 2 (Winter-Spring, 2005)

“Time’s Eunuch” Reconsidered Thomas Rand 3
Two Unpublished Letters of Gerad Manely Hopkins Catherine L. Phillips and R. K. R. Thornton 8
A Hopkins Bibliography 1998-2002 Pamla Palmer 15
In Memoriam: Alison G. Sulloway Joseph J. Feeney, S.J 45
Publication News:The Collected Works of Gerad Manely Hopkins 47
Adrian Grafe: Back to Beauty’s Giver. Richard Austin reads the poetry of Gerad Manely Hopkins audio CD 52
Maureen Moran: Gerad Manely Hopkins and Victorian Catholicism: A Heart in Hiding Jill Muller 57
Sjaak Zonneveld: Some Recent Studies of Duns Scotus and their Relations to Hopkins 61
Credits 82

Volume XXXII Nos. 3 and 4 (Summer-Fall, 2005)

Corresponding Grace: Hopkins’ Theory and Use of Rhyme Emily Taylor Merriman 85
George Teeling: Mutual Friend of Newman and Hopkins Fredric W.Schlatter,S.J. 112
Sound and Sensibility: Hopkins’ Word-Journey to Hell and Back Tracy L. Strauss 129
“vital candle in close heart’s vault”:Energy, Optics, and Hopkins’ Spermaceti Flame Jude V.Nixon 139
Credits 166

Vol. XXXIII (2006)

Volume XXXIII  Nos. 1 and 2 (Winter-Spring, 2006)

William Addis: Hopkins’s Friend Fredric W. Schlatter, S.J 3
Richard Eberhart’s Take on Hopkins Arnd Bohm 28
Hopkins and the Irish Jesuits Noel Barber, S.J 34
A Hopkins Bibliography 2003 Pamela Palmer 55
Review: Michael Hurley: Gerard Manley Hopkins Daniel Brown 63
Credits 68

Volume XXXIII Nos. 3 and 4 (Summer-Fall, 2006)

Waht Sprung Rhythm Realy Is NOT Michael D Hurley 71
“flush with a new stroke of enthusiasm”:Hopkins and the Isle of Man Tom Zaniello 95
Action and Repose: Gerard Manley Hopkins’ Influence in the poeme of Elizabeth Bishop Ben Howard 109
erard Manley Hopkins and Ursula Bethell: An Antipodean Influence Peter Whiteford 119
Review: Bernadette Waterman Ward: The Alchemist:Gerard Manley Hopkins: Poems in Musical Adaptations Sean O’Leary 135
Credits 138

Vol. XXXIV (2007)

Volume XXXIV Nos. 1 and 2 (Winter-Spring, 2007)

“Meaning Motion”: Reclaiming the Dynamic Poetics of Hopkins Michael D. Moore 3
Hopkins and Virgil Fredric W. Schlatter, SJ 17
Review: Sjaak Zonneveld: The Cambridge Companion to Duns Scotus Thomas Williams, ed 54
Credits F.X. Shea, S.J. 62

Volume XXXIV Nos. 3 and 4 (Summer-Fall, 2007)

Philological Nationalism: Bridges, Hopkins, and the Society for English Jude V. Nixon 65
The Dismemberment:Hopkins’ Representation of the Body and the Ideas of Jacques Lancan Dennis Sobolev 79
Incarnation and Omnipresence: Hopkins, Scotus, Particularity and Pantheism Eric Daryl Meyer 102
Review: Sjaak Zonneveld: A Lifetime with Hopkins Peter Milward, S.J. 117
Credits 123

Vol. XXXV (2008)

Volume XXXV Nos. 1 and 2 (Winter-Spring, 2008)

“Beautiful Action:” Hopkins and the Perfect Body Duc Dau 3
“if all had bread:” Father Gerard Hopkins, the Condition of England Question and the Poor of Nazereth House Jude V. Nixon 19
A Passing of Heroes: Seamus Heaney’s “Seeing the Sick” and Hopkins’ “Felix Randal” Arnd Bohm 47
Reviews: Paul Mariani: Gerard Manley Hopkins: Oxford Essays and Notes. Ed. by Lesley Higgins, The Collected Works of Gerard Manley Hopkins: IV 54
Daniel Brown: James I. Wimsatt, Hopkins’s Poetics of Speech Sound: Sprung Rhythm, Lettering, Inscape 57
Emily Taylor Merriman: Soundings: Hopkins Studies in Transition. Ed. by Cary H. Plotkin 59
James Finn Cotter: Paul Mariani, Gerard Manley Hopkins, A Life 66
Credits 71

Volume XXXV Nos. 3 and 4 (Summer-Fall, 2008)

“Hopkins on the Art of Newman’s Prose” Fredric W. Schlatter, S.J. 75
Paradoxes of Redemption in the Poetry of Hopkins David J. Leigh, S.J. 111
Wielding Hopkins into Song Kevin Waters, S.J. 120
Reviews: James Finn Cotter: Norman H. MacKenzie, Excursions in Hopkins 131
Jude V. Nixon: Joseph J. Feeney, S.J., The Playfulness of Gerard Manley Hopkins 136
Credits 141

Vol. XXXVI (2009)

Volume XXXVI Nos. 1 and 2 (Winter-Spring, 2009)

The Other Hopkinses Nicolas Hawkes 3
Fr. Darlington’s Memories of Hopkins: A More Favorable Appraisal James Pribek, S.J.. 25
Reviews: Tom Zaniello: Michael Flecky, S.J., Hopkins in Ireland: Pictures and Words 56
Francis L. Fennell: Maureen Moran, Catholic Sensationalism and Victorian Literature 59
David Anthony Downes: Francies X. McAloon, The Language of Poetry as a Form of Prayer: The Theo-Poetic Aesthetics of Gerard Manley Hopkins 65
Credits 69

Volume XXXVI  Nos. 3 and 4 (Summer-Fall, 2009)

Gerard Manley Hopkins and the Apocryphal Epistola Lentuli Michael P. Kuczynski 73
Gerard Manley Hopkins and Teihard de Chardin: Poetic and Scientific Reconcililationof Spirit and Matter Blaise Cirelli 98
Felix Randal’s “Battering Scandal”: What did It Look Like? Mary Hewitt 115
Hopkins On Stage, Sumptuously, in Santa Fe Joseph J. Feeney, S.J. 119
Gerard Manley Hopkins. Laprofusion ténébreuse René Gallet: Adrian Grafe 123
Gerard Manley Hopkins and the Victorian Visual World Tom Zaniello: Catherine Phillips 127
Storia della letteratura inglese, Dal 1870 al 1921 Mariaconcetta Costantini: Franco Marucci 133
Credits 137
  • Vol. XXXVII (2010)

    Volume XXXVII Nos. 1, 2, 3 and 4 (Winter-Fall, 2010)

    INTRODUCTION Lesley Higgins vii
    Chapter I. The Hopkinses 31
    Chapter II. The Smiths 42
    Chapter III. The Marriage 57
    Chapter IV. Boyhood 65
    Chapter V. Oak Hill 76
    Chapter VI. a Strange Connection 82
    Chapter VII. School 92
    Chapter VIII. St. John’s and St. Michael’s 115
    ChapterIX. Life at Balliol 133
    Chapter XI. Language and Literature 156

    Vol. XXXVIII (2011)

    Volume XXXVIII Nos. 1 and 2 (Winter-Spring, 2011)

    Hopkins’s Prosody Meredith Martin 1
    Patmore, Hopkins, and the Problem of the English Metrical law Joshua King 31
    Thronging the Ear : Hopkins and the Counterpoint of Prosody John Golden 51
    Good(s) Sonnets : Hopkins`s Moral Materiality Besty Winakur Tontiplaphol 73
    “Opening” the Pentameter : Hopkin`s metrical Experimentation Peter L. Groves 93

    Volume XXXVIII Nos. 3 and 4 (Summer Fall, 2011)

    Gerard Manley Hopkins, or the Poem as (Baroque) Prayer Mario Murgia 113
    “Me, Myself, and I”: Personal Pronouns in the Poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins James Finn Cotter 132
    Robert Bridges’ “The evening darkness over,” W.H. Auden’s “Look, stranger, at this island now”: The Many Links Clay Daniel 146
    “Hermeneutics of Autumn” : Gerard Manley Hopkins and Geffrey Hill’s” The Orchards of Syron Alex Shakespearel 152
    Michael D. Moore: John Parham, Green Man Hopkins: Poetry and the Victorian Ecological Imagination 165
    Adrian Grafe: Finn Fordham, I do undo I redo: The Textual Genisis of Modernist selves in Hopkins, Yeats, Conrad, FosterJoyce and Woolf 169
    Emily Taylor Merriman: Humphry House, The Youth of Gerard Manley Hopkins, 1844-1868. 173
    Paul Volsik: Betsy Winakur Tontiplaphol, Poetics of Luxury in the Nineteenth Century – Keats, Tennyson, and Hopkins 187

Vol. XXXIX (2012)

Volume XXXIX Nos. 1 and 2 (Winter-Spring, 2012)

Music and Poetry: Hopkins, Spring Rhythm and the Problem of Isochrony Greg Sevik 3
Hopkins’s Heroic Women Bernadette Waterman Ward 26
In Memoriam: Reneé Gallet (1944-2012), A Personal Memoir Adrian Grafe 37
In Memoriam: René Gallet Cary Plotkin 41
“St. Thecla,” Monastic Transvestitism, and Hopkins’s Proto-Femiinist Utterance Jude V. Nixon 43
Tom Zaniello: Victorians in the Mountains: Sinking the Sublime by Ann C. Colley 68
  • Volume XXXIX Nos. 3 and 4 (Summer-Fall, 2012)

    Living with Fr. Eyre: Hopkins at Stonyhurst College 1882-84 Gerald Roberts 77
    “To his watch”: Gerard manley Hopkins and the Rhythm of Moral Life Mariaconcetta Costantini 88
    A Nautical Glossary of “The Wreck of the Deutchland, ” Part the first Cheryl Stiles 107
    Michael D. Moore: Reading the Underthought: Hermeneutics and the Christian Poetry of Hopkins and Elliot, by Kinereth Meyer and Rachel Salmon Deshen 118
    Duc Dau: “Queerest Book-A Dramatic Monologue,” Literature and Theology, By John Schad 124
    Hannah Dunleavy: Touching God: Hopkins and Love, by Duc Dau 128

    Vol. XL (2013)

    Vol. XL Nos. 1-2 (Winter-Spring)

    “Laus Deo”:  Bridge’s Response to Hopkins Ann Marie Kllein    3
    “Fancy, Come Faster”:  Hopkins’s Poetics of Fancy as the Language of Inspiration Kumiko Tanabe   19
    The Poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins, Alice Jenkins (ed); Gerard Manley Hopkins, by Angus Esson Mariaconcetta Costantini   47
    Geliebtes Kind der Sprache, Dorothea Grüzweig: Auf dem Rückflug Zur Erd.  Gerard Manley Hopkins – Eine Einführung in Seine poetische Welt. Audio CD;Gerard
    Manley Hopkins, Journal, Tr. Peter Waterhouse
    Daniella Jancsó   50
    The enclosure of an Open Mystery:  Sacrament and Incarnation in the Writings of Gerard Manley Hopkins, David Jones and Les Murray, by Stephen McInerney Matthew Rumbold   56
    The Priestly Poems of G.M. Hopkins, by Peter Milward, S.J.   63
    The Bronze Horseman:  Revaluations, Desmond Egan   64

    Vol. XL Nos. 3-4 (Summer-Fall, 2013)

    Reckoning up the Ellipses in Hopkins’s Poetry Lesley Higgins   69
    Hopkins’s First Assignment after Ordination:  Mount St. Mary’s Noel Barber, S.J.   95
    Rossetti and Patmore’s “Tristitia”:  “A Spanish Case” Ernest Fontana 107
    Victorian Poetry Now:  poets, Poems, Poetics, by Valentine Cunningham Michéle Draper 112
    Gerard Manley Hopkins, El Mary la Alondra (Poesia selecta).  Bilingual edition.  Translated by Antonio Rivero Taravillo Margarita Ardanaz 121

    Vol. XLI (2014)

    Vol. XLI  Nos.  1-2 (Winter-Spring 2014)

    Hopkins 2014:  five Landmarks for the 125th Anniversary of his Death Joseph J. Feeney, S.J.    3
    The Colerridges:  Notes on a Family Associated with Hopkins Tom Zaniello    8
    “Only the Lover Sings”:  Scotus’s Influence on the Will in Hopkins’s “Wreck” Ann Marie Klein   19
    “Cinquefoil Tolken”:  Infinitesimal Calculus and “The Wreck of the Deutschland” Imogen Forbes-Macphail   39

    Vol. XLI Nos. 3-4 (Summer-Fall 2014)

    A Memoir of “Uncle Gerard”: by Beatrice Handley-Derry  Amanda Paxton and Lesley Higgins    57
    Hopkins:  Jesuit Prose Poet in London, 1873-1874  Noel Barber, S.J.    69
     Hopkins’s Approach to Mortality and His Innovations In Poetic Form  Brett Beasley    79
     Hopkins, Patmore, and Women  Gerald Roberts  101
     The Rise and Fall of Meter: Poetry and English National Culture, 1860-1939  Meredith Martin  112
     Gerard Manley Hopkins: Magician of Words, Sounds, Images and Insights.  Now You Know Media.  fifteen lectures on Compact Disc, DVD, MP3, by Joseph J. Feeney, S.J., Ph.D.  Richard Austin  117
     Anne-Marie Millim,The Victorian Diary:Authorship and Emotional Labour.  Adrian Grafe  124

    Vol. XLII (2015)

    Vol. XLII Nos. 1-2 (Winter-Spring 2015)

    From the Margin to the Core:  the Vagaries of Publicizing Poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins in 1918 and 1930  Justin Tackett
    The Journals of Gerard Manley Hopkins  Norman White
    Robert Frost’s encounters with Robert Bridges  Patrick Samway, S.J.
     Reviews:     64
    The Collected Works of Gerard Manley Hopkins Hopkins : Volume VII:  The Dublin Notebook, edited by Lesley Higgins and Michael Suarez, S.J.  Martin Dubois
    Elisabet Dellming, “Unsought, presented so easily”:  A Phenomenological Study of Awe in the Poetical works of Gerard Manley Hopkins  Joseph J. Feeney, S.J.   70
    Binsey:  Oxford’s Holy Place:  Its Saint Village, and People, edited by Lydia Carr, Russell Dewhurst, Martin Henig  Emily Merriman   74
    Gerard Manley Hopkins, Consul Jones y otros poemas.  Biligual edition.  Translated by Delia Pasini.  Gerard Manley Hopkins, Paisaje interior.  Selected Prose.  Translated by Tedi Lopèz Mills  Elena Deanda-Camacho   76

    Vol. XLII (2015)

    Vol. XLII Nos. 3-4 (Summer-Fall 2015)

    Translating Hopkins  Dmitri Manin
    In Memoriam:   David A. Downes Francis L. Fennell
    Joseph J. Feeney, S.J.
    In Memoriam:  Tom Dunne  Norman White
    El ceño radiante, Vida y poesia de Gerard Manley Hopkins by Neil Davidson  Mario Murgia  107
    The Ghost Behind the Masks:  The Victorian Poets and Shakespeare by W. David Shaw  Olivia Loksing Moy  111

    Vol. XLIII (2016)

    Vol. XLIII, Nos. 1-4 (Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall 2016)

    Joaquin Kuhn

        I. Contextual exposition of “The Windhover” as dated May 30, 1877       1
       II. F.M. Pridie on Hopkins’ style: recession of meaning of words       1
      III. Gallie and Chivalric Diction prominent and literal: the Poem Itself  
      IV.  May 30, 1877 evoked four layers of action, skillfully interrelated

    A.   Anniversary of burning at the stake of Joan of Arc, [43].
    B.   Eve of the Feast of Corpus Christi.
    C.   Pentecostal season of hovering bird, wind, fire.
    D.  The Week of Trinity Sunday.
    E.   The kestrel as catalyic prompt, aloft in motionless flight.

       V.  Hopkins and Shakespeare’s Joan of Arc

    A.  Joan in I Henry VI: beauty, valor, buckle!  In I. ii.
    B.  Msgr.Felix Dunpanloup, Second Panegyric on Joan of Arc, 1869.

      VI.  Feast of Corpus Christi, celebrations, procession
     VII.  Pentecost and sacramental symbolism in “The Windhover”     12
    VIII.  Contemporaries of Hopkins and their works on Joan of Arc     12
      IX.  Textual linkages for Hopkins in dialouge with Shakespeare  
        X.   Act I, sc.ii, The First Part of King Henry VI     19
       XI.  Charles Knights’s synpathetic commentaries on Shakespeare’s Joan   24
      XII.  Selected illustrations from Charles Knight’s Pictorial Edition
     XIII.  Full text of Dupanloup’s Second Panegyrique      50
      XIV. Joan of Arc and Her Mission” from The Dublin Review 1867    106