Current Volumes (2017-Present)

Vol. XLIV (2017)

Vol. XLIV, Nos. 1-2 (Winter-Spring 2017)

Absence and Presence:  the Imagination in Hopkins’ Last Poem Peter Whiteford    5
Hopkins and Gothie Architecture:  His Changing View Norman White  23
I and Thou in The Wreck of the Deutschland James Finn Cotter  33
The Starlight Night:  The Sky in the Writngs of Shakespeare, Tennyson, and Hopkins. by David H. Levy Thomas Mapes  47
Gerard Manley Hopkins: Prédications (1879-1881).  Translated with an introduction and notes by Bruno Gaurier Adrian Grafe  55

Vol. XLIV (2017)

Vol. XLIV, Nos. 3-4 (Summer-Fall 2017)

‘At That Bleak Hill’:  Underthoughts of Conflict in Hopkins’ 1879 Poems M. Paul Bryant Quinn
More on That Welsh “Windhover” Joaquin Kuhn
Gerard Manley Hopkins:  a suitable vehicle for training Actors in their vocal development
Chris Palmer
 Two Prize Poems:  Hopkins’ “The Escorial” and Mattew Arnold’s “Alaric at Rome”  Gerald Roberts
“In Memoriam”:  Peter Milward, S.J. (1925-2017)
My Memory of Fr Peter Milward SJ in Japan  Kumiko Tanabe
My Obituary Peter Milward, S.J. 119
The Collected Works of Gerard Manley Hopkins Volume III. Diaries, Journals, and Notebooks. Ed Lesley Higgins Peter Whiteford 125
Gerard Manley Hopkins and His Poetics of Fancy by Kumiko Tanabe Jerome Bump 133
Edward Ondrako, “Retrieving of Scotus and Newman by Imitating Gerard Manley Hopkins,” in The Newman-Scotus Reader:  Contexts and Commonalities; and John Llewlyn, Gerard Manley Hokins and the Spell of John Duns Scotus Bernadette Waterman Ward 135
The World is Changed:  Poetic Engagements with Gerard Manley Hopkins  Edited by Daniel Westover and William Wright Emily Merriman 141