Upper-Division Spring 2018

Spring 2018 Upper-Division History Courses

CRN Course Name Instructor Date/time
HIS 202 US Hist. 1865 to Present Miller MWF  2:30-3:20p
HIS 202 US Hist. 1865 to Present Sibley TTh  3:30-4:45p
HIS 210 Intro Modern Africa Yates TTh  9:30-10:45a
HIS 326 Age of Empire Schumacher MWF  12:20-1:10p
HIS 341 Genocide/Human Rights 20th Century Chakars MWF  11:15-12:05p
HIS 348 Witchcraft, Law Supernatural Close TTh  3:30-4:45p
HIS 353 Modern China Carter TTh  8:00-9:15a
HIS 356 Modern South Asia Abbas TTh  5:00-6:15p
HIS 362 Civil War Era Miller MWF  1:25-2:15p
HIS 382 US Foreign Policy Sibley TTh  12:30-1:45p
HIS 472 Seminar in European History Lewin TTh  2:00-3:15p
HIS 478 Seminar in Global/Comp History Warren MWF  10:10-11:00a

HIS 472 Seminar in European History: Gender and Authority, 500-1500
Dr Alison Williams Lewin
“Gender & Authority” will explore two main ways in which authority affected gender relations: first, how legal authorities, theologians, and other theorists, usually male, defined what women were and what they should be; and second, situations in which women exercised authority, be it economic, legal, or intellectual. These two themes will be examined in their contemporary contexts concerning general assumptions about the proper exercise of power and the right ordering of the universe that restricted the choices of both men and women.

History 478: Seminar in Global & Comparative History: The Global Cold War, ca. 1945-89
Dr. Richard Warren
In this seminar, students will identify and develop research topics that analyze an international or comparative phenomenon related to the global confrontation between capitalism and communism known as the Cold War.