Founded in 1973, the Hayes History Journal is a student-run publication of the Department of History released every spring. Inclusion in the journal allows students the opportunity to showcase their work in a professional publication and demonstrate their in-depth knowledge of history.

2020-20 Editors:  Sophia Wooden, Nicholas Hughes, Gavin O'Connor, Lily Costgrove, Jessie Melvin
Faculty Advisors: Dr. Melissa Chakars

2019–20 Editors: Rose Barrett, Lily Cosgrove, Ashley Green, Gavin O'Connor, Sophia Wooden
Faculty Advisors: Dr. Melissa Chakars and Dr. Allison Williams Lewin

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Students interested in becoming an editor or have questions about the process, please email sjuhayeshistoryjournal@gmail.com. Students interested in submitting research papers for consideration, Submit paper here. Submitted papers must have received a grade of B+ in a 300-level (or higher) course. Papers should be approximately 6–25 pages in length, though strong papers that are shorter or longer will be considered. Submission is not restricted to History majors or to papers written for History classes—the Journal welcomes perspectives from subjects such as International Relations and Political Science as well as other interdisciplinary fields.

Fall Semester Deadline: Mon., Sept. 28
Spring Semester Deadline: Mon., Feb. 1


Browse previous editions of the Hayes History Journal below:

2019 (Editors: Rose Barrett, Lily Cosgrove, Ashley Greeen, Gavin O'Connor, Sophia Wooden, Nicholas Hughes)

2018 (Editors: Jacqueline Gibson, Ashley Green, Sarah Knapp, Andrew McCormack, John Reynolds)

2017 (Editors: Katherine Anthony, James Elliott, Jennifer Rodgers, Abigail Sweetman)