FACT:  SJU students who completed one internship before graduation earned, on average, $11,000 dollars more than students who did not complete an internship.

The Philadelphia Area Internship Program

The Philadelphia Area Internship Program is a course that allows students to gain upper division credit by completing written assignments and working a total of 130 hours in the public sector, the private sector, or in non-governmental organizations in the Philadelphia area. The program uniquely connects academics and professional life.

For more information about Philadelphia Area Internships contact Dr. Melissa Chakars at mchakars@sju.edu.

Recent Internships

  • Museums, Archives, and Historic Sites
  • Public Law, Legal Advocacy, and Courts
  • Private Law
  • Community Organizing and Outreach (see also International Politics and Policy)
  • International Policy and Politics
  • Academic Publishing and Research
  • Congress and the Legislative Process
  • Campaigns and Electoral Politics
  • Communications, Consulting, Advertising, and Public Relations

Other internship opportunities