The Constitution and the Notion of Compromise, September 19, 2016 at 4:00 PM at the Wachterhauser Room, Drexel Library.

Saint Joseph’s University celebrated Constitution Day on Sept. 19 with a panel of faculty in the library who explored the issue of the Constitution and the notion of Compromise. Featuring History Professors Jeffrey Hyson, Randall M. Miller, and Katherine A. S. Sibley, as well as Political Science Professor Francis Graham Lee and Volunteer Ranger Barry Lurie of Independence National Historical Park, the panel discussed this founding document and aspects of it that related to compromise, from the writings of James Madison to the contrasting regional interests of the new nation to the intimate living arrangements of the founders and framers. The event, which was in a packed room, also explored recent Supreme Court decisions that have probed the Constitution’s intent such as Shelby v. Holder (2013) and Citizens United (2010).

The panel was moderated by Librarian Dan Holden, and sponsored by American Studies and by the Law Alumni Fund. Dori Pappas and Denise Thomas provided invaluable assistance, and we are grateful to the Library for providing the space.