Advisory Board:  Bergen (SOC), Hage (ART), Lockridge (ENG), Miller (HIS), Oxx (TRS)

The minor in American Studies provides a framework within which students can focus their elective and related courses on the study of American history, literature, art, politics, ideas, and institutions.  Students majoring in economics, English, history, fine arts, political science, sociology, and theology are especially encouraged to consider a minor in American Studies.  By examining the United States from a variety of intellectual perspectives, American Studies minors will develop both a more nuanced understanding of the development and dynamics of American culture and a more sophisticated, interdisciplinary approach to academic study.

Learning Goals and Objectives for American Studies

Goal 1:

Students minoring in American Studies will gain a stronger knowledge in the disciplines that make up this minor and thus articulate key aspects of United States history, politics, economics, culture (including art, religions, and literatures) and society.

Learning Objective 1.1  Students will be trained to identify, define, or analyze key aspects of U.S. history, politics, economics, culture (including art, religions, and literatures) and society, using a variety of tools, methods, and perspectives, in order to gain knowledge and articulate their understanding in the disciplines that make up this minor.

Goal 2:

Students will produce clear and persuasive analyses of relevant research questions generated by the interdisciplinary approaches offered in the minor of American Studies.

Objective 2.1

Students will be able to practice a range of methodological perspectives and practices used to investigate and interpret topics in American Studies, and to present their findings effectively.

Participants must choose a minimum of six courses from those listed below, with at least one from each group (and at least one in each group must be above 100 level):

History Group:

HIS 360        Colonial America (Diversity Overlay)
HIS 361        America in the Age of Revolutions
HIS 362        The Civil War Era (Ethics Overlay)
HIS 364        Ethnic America
HIS 365        Urban America
HIS 366        Progressive Era to New Deal
HIS 367        Postwar America, 1945 to the Present
HIS 368        American Ideas:  From the Colonial Era to the Civil War
HIS 369        American Ideas:  From the Gilded Age to the Present
HIS 379        Race and Justice (Diversity Overlay)
HIS 380        Foundations of American Foreign Policy, 1775-1914
HIS 381        U.S. as a Global Power, 1914 to the Present
HIS 384        The Civil Rights Movement in America
HIS 385        History of Women in America Since 1820
HIS 386        American Environmental History
HIS 387        Popular Culture in the United States
HIS 471        Seminar in American History

English Group:

ENG 201     Major American Writers
ENG 208     Dreams, Drugs, and Visions in 19th Century Transatlantic Literature
ENG 210     The Roaring Twenties
ENG 211     Black Popular Culture
ENG 215     Passing Narratives
ENG 216     Re-reading the Sixties (Diversity Overlay)
ENG 217     Music and American Literature
ENG 321     American Literature
ENG 322     American Romantic and Transcendental Literature
ENG 323     American Realism/Naturalism
ENG 324     Twentieth Century American Literature
ENG 325     Contemporary American Literature
ENG 327     Southern Literature
ENG 328     African American Literature
ENG 329     Black Women’s Literature
ENG 416     (HONORS) Rebellious Women Writers
ENG 417     Post Soul Black Literature
ENG 420     American Authors
ENG 421     The American Novel, 20th and 21st Centuries
ENG 423     American Poetry
ENG 424     Contemporary American Poetry
ENG 425     American Drama
ENG 426     Nature Writing in America
ENG 427     The Harlem Renaissance
ENG 428     The Beat Rebellion
ENG 429     Reading and Writing the American Civil Rights Movement
ENG 482     Literature and Culture (Diversity Overlay)

General Group:

ART 104     Experience of Architecture
ART 207     American Art and Architecture
ART 209     Contemporary Art and Architecture
ART 257     American Music
ART 269     American Theatre
ECN 435     History of Economic Thought
HON 310    Women’s Writing as Emancipation
LIN 101      Introduction to Linguistics
LIN 340      Communication in Social Contexts
MTF 291     American Film Comedies
PHL 276     Philosophy of Cornel West
PHL 278     Philosophy of Martin Luther King
PHL 450     American Philosophy
POL 111     Introduction to American Government and Politics (Diversity Overlay)
POL 150     Law, Student Liberties and the Supreme Court
POL 201     Law and Social Change (Open only to Poli Sci Majors)
POL 303     American Political Thought
POL 308     Congress and the Legislative Process
POL 309     Advising the President
POL 311     Constitutional Law:  Rights and Civil Liberties
POL 313     Public Policy
POL 316     State and Local Government
POL 318     Philadelphia Politics
POL 319     Political Parties, Pressure Groups and Voting Behavior
POL 323     Women, Gender and American Politics (Diversity Overlay)
POL 324     Race and Ethnic Politics in the U.S.
POL 327     Environmental Politics in America
POL 329     Suburban Government and Problems