The American Studies minor provides a framework within which students from any major can focus their electives and integrated learning component courses on the study of American history, literature, art, music, politics, ideas, and institutions. By using a variety of intellectual perspectives, American Studies minors will develop a fuller and more nuanced understanding of the development and dynamics of the American experience and an interdisciplinary approach to academic study.  Minors must take a minimum of six courses, with at least one from each of the following groups: 1) history, 2) English, and 3) a general group that includes art, music, film, philosophy, political science, and religious studies.

Mission Statement

American Studies at Saint Joseph’s University is dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of the rich diversity of historical and contemporary cultures of the United States.  Students closely study a broad range of sources, texts, and media from the colonial era to the present in order to better understand aspects of culture ranging from art to zoos, from religion to race, from politics to class, and from language to literature.  In the process of cultivating empathy for others past and present, students engage with assignments that call on them to use a variety of tools, methods and perspectives, including the unique resources of the Philadelphia area, to better appreciate the political, economic, cultural, and social complexity of the United States, including its many international influences and impacts.