Undergraduate Programs


Autism Behavioral Studies Major


The B.S. in Autism Behavioral Studies is designed to meet the growing need for qualified, highly trained providers of autism services and treatment. This program includes a strong focus in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and behavioral techniques, biological reasons for autism, the neurophysiology of the brain, principles of learning, navigating medical services, managing the population of individuals with autism, health policy in autism, coping with the stress of a child or family member with autism, coping methods for providers of autism services, long-term care, ancillary services and other related topics.


Health Studies Major


A major in Health Studies provides a comprehensive foundation in natural sciences, public health, the health care system and social sciences. You will be introduced to a broad spectrum of health issues including health behavior and management, legal and ethical concerns, environmental influences on health, nutrition, mental health, life cycle health, alternative/complementary medicine and epidemiology.


Autism Behavioral Studies Minor


As the autism field grows, future care providers are seeking the proper training and credentials from their undergraduate coursework to give them a competitive edge. The autism behavioral studies minor offers a rich curriculum in autism theories, techniques, treatment and therapies, and is designed for students from relevant majors who require a more in-depth study of autism.

At Saint Joseph’s, students interested in the study of autism have the opportunity to become involved at the University’s Kinney Center for Autism Education and Support. The Kinney Center offers services, resources and information; support and guidance; and tools for public and individual advocacy that contributes to improved autism awareness and care.


Interdisciplinary Health Services Minor


Students can choose from a broad spectrum of courses on health issues including socio-cultural influences on health, health management, the systems of health care, legal and ethical concerns, health behavior and promotion, environmental influences on health, nutrition, mental health, life cycle health, alternative/complimentary medicine and epidemiology. The curriculum will prepare you for a wide range of health care positions in hospitals, health departments, health agencies, research facilities, schools, and industry.

Graduate Masters Degrees


Health Administration M.S.

Graduate Degree

Health care is a rapidly growing industry. The U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics expects that by 2018, more than 45,000 new health services executives will be needed to lead the hundreds of thousands of additional nurses, administrators, doctors and staffers hired to fill the future health care career opportunities in America*. A master’s degree is required for many positions in these fields and can help increase earning potential.

In-Person Degree Option

Online Degree Option


Health Education M.S.

Graduate Degree

With national policy emphasizing health promotion and disease prevention, health education is a thriving field. Graduates assume positions of leadership and service as professional health educators in a variety of practice, research and policy-making settings. Students will truly effect change in the world with this meaningful education and career path in the health care field.

Adult Learner Programs


General Studies BLS - Autism Concentration

Adult Learner Degree

The Autism Studies concentration of our Bachelor of Liberal Arts Degree offers introduction to autism theories, techniques, treatment and therapies (learned within 5 theoretical courses) and 3 Practicum (field experience) courses offered online as part of the curriculum.The Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) has approved this eight (8) course sequence as meeting the coursework and the field experience requirements for taking the Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA) Examination. Once this Bachelor's degree is earned, the graduate has fulfilled all of the BACB requirements and may sit for the certification exam. These courses are offered in a convenient online format for Professional and Liberal Studies students.

In-Person Degree Option

Online Degree Option


Health Administration BLS

Adult Learner Degree

Health care is a complex, multi-faceted industry. From practitioners to patients, policies to paperwork — administrators are a vital part of ensuring the survival of health care organizations and maintaining vital communities as a result. The Bachelor of Science in health care administration empowers professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to enact change both in their organizations and beyond all with the convenience of flexible scheduling.

Online Certifications


Online Autism Studies Certifications

Online Certifications

Graduates of these programs work with autistic individuals in a wide range of settings, from primary schools to mental health facilities. You might teach or work as an aide for children with autism in a special education classroom, or work with adults with autism in social services or community programs. Communicating with and supporting the families and caregivers of autistic individuals is another career path in autism studies. Such certifications can also be an add-on to careers in social work, counseling, human services, and more.

Autism Studies Certification (Post-baccalaureate)

Certification of Proficiency in Autism Studies

Autism Spectrum Disorder Endorsement (Post-Graduate), Designed for Educators