Hazing Prevalence and Prevention

HazingPrevention.Org is a newly formed national organization dedicated to providing current information related to hazing and hazing prevention to individuals and organizations. Resources offered on their website include, information about what you can do, links to videos, personal stories, and newsletters.

StopHazing.org provides accurate, up-to-date hazing information for students, parents, and educators. There are informative articles on all forms of types of hazing, including high school, military, athletic and fraternity/sorority hazing.

Inside Hazing: Understanding Hazardous Hazing
Provides practical information on all aspects of hazing as well as the theoretical perspective of Susan Lipkins, Ph.D., author of “Preventing Hazing: How Parents, Teachers, and Coaches Can Stop the Violence, Harassment, and Humiliation.”

Unofficial Clearinghouse to Track Hazing Deaths and Incidents
Comprised by one of the nation’s leading experts on hazing, Hank Nuwer, this website compiles hazing new stories and reports on hazing incidents.

Sports Hazing Incidents
An ESPN article that documents 20 years of hazing in high school and college athletics.

A free iPhone App developed to provide information about hazing, including resources available and ways to prevent it. The app also acts as a tool to report hazing behavior as it is happening.

Fraternities and Sororities

Strengthening the Bonds: A Positive Fraternity Pledge Program for the 21st Century
Written by a former fraternity brother, this article argues that hazing builds dissension and eventual retribution and presents a seven-step process for pledging that builds unity, teamwork, and loyalty without hazing.

Hazing: The Fratricide of Brotherhood from Kappa Alpha
A helpful review of hazing myths and facts, how to recognize hazing, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Teambuilding and Alternatives to Hazing

Cornell’s Teambuilding Website
Learn about how Cornell can help you design an exciting new member program.

Business Balls
Free team building games and ideas

Teambuilding, Inc.
Information on teambuilding strategies, philosophy and basic how-to.

High School Hazing

Initiation Rites in American High Schools: A National Survey
Published by Alfred University in August of 2000, this study of high school students around the United States illustrates the prevalence and the nature of hazing.

Hazing: It is not just a college problem!
A discussion of high school hazing and what can be done to prevent it available from Education World.com.

Advocacy Groups

C.H.U.C.K. (Committee to Halt Useless College Killings) c/o Eileen Stevens
516 567-1130, P.O. Box 188, Sayville, New York 11782

C.H.A.D. (Cease Hazing Activities and Deaths) c/o Rita Saucier
334 343-2119, P.O. Box 850955, Mobile, Alabama 36685