All non-transfer students must take these six signature core courses at SJU. Advanced Placement (AP) credit cannot be used to fulfill any of the signature course requirements.

Jesuit Tradition Common Core

  • Philosophy 154 – Moral Foundations
    Moral Foundations is a critical study of the various ways in which agents, actions, and social practices are evaluated from the moral point of view, as this has been articulated in major Western ethical theories.
    This course is a pre-requisite to ethics-intensive courses, Philosophical Anthropology courses, and Faith and Reason courses.
  • Theology 154 – Faith, Justice and the Catholic Tradition
    This course is designed to introduce students to the values that have shaped Saint Joseph’s and the ways in which these values are historically grounded in Roman Catholic doctrine and informed by its present articulation.
    This course is a pre-requisite to Faith and Reason courses.

Cultural Legacy Common Core

    • English 102 – Texts and Contexts (pre-req: ENG 101)
      In Texts and Contexts, students will engage with and respond to influential literary texts in English from recognized literary periods and genres.


  • History 154 – Forging the Modern World
    In this course, students will analyze primary and secondary sources to understand the interactions creating the predominant structures and relationships that have transformed our world from the early modern era to the twentieth century.

Signature Variable Core

  • First Year Seminar (— 150)
    The First Year Seminar is an introduction to the adventures of learning in a college context, focusing in depth on a question or topic of disciplinary or interdisciplinary interest.  There are no course prerequisites to the First Year Seminar.
    This course may be taken either semester in the first year. The First Year Seminar requirement is a core requirement for non-transfer students; transfer students are exempt from this requirement.
  • Faith and Reason
    Courses in this area will lead students to explore the tension and cohesion between faith traditions and “reason traditions” in the contemporary world from a variety of disciplinary and thematic approaches.
    This requirement may be satisfied by any course from the list of approved Faith and Reason courses. PHL 154 and THE 154 are pre-requisites to Faith and Reason courses.

Determine which courses have been certified as Faith and Reason courses.