GEP Requirements fall into four main categories: (1) signature courses, (2) variable courses, (3) integrative learning courses, and (4) overlay requirements.

Signature Courses (6 courses)
Non-transfer students must take their signature core courses at SJU.  Advanced Placement (AP) credit may be used to fulfill the HIS 154 requirement.

PHL 154 Moral Foundations
THE 154 Faith, Justice and the Catholic Tradition
ENG 102 Texts and Contexts (pre-req: ENG 101)
HIS 154 Forging the Modern World
First Year Seminar
Faith and Reason course (pre-reqs: PHL 154 and THE 154)
INT 151 Inequality Seminar (one-credit P/NP course)

Variable Courses (9 courses, Maximum 10 Courses)
Transfer credit and/or AP credit may be used to satisfy GEP variable requirements.

Art, Music/Theatre/Film, or Literature
Mathematics Beauty
Natural Science with Lab
Non-Native Language
Social/Behavioral Science
Philosophical Anthropology
Religious Difference

Integrative Learning Courses (3 courses)
The GEP integrative learning component (ILC) involves three courses that are specified by a student’s primary major. ILC courses count toward the GEP rather than the major. They must be College of Arts and Sciences courses that are taken outside of the student’s major department.

Overlay Requirements (4 overlay areas)
Overlay requirements may be satisfied by major courses, elective courses, or GEP courses (with some restrictions). Students must satisfy the following overlay requirements:

Diversity, Globalization, or Non-Western Studies
Ethics Intensive
Writing Intensive