Fall 2022 Connelly Hall Teaching Assistants with Dr. Forster and Prof. Noyes


Teaching assistants that are selected will be assigned to a laboratory section (3 hrs) and will assist faculty in the teaching lab.

  • If interested in TAing Biology 165 (Exploring the Living World) AND/OR Environmental Science 106 (Exploring the Earth) – please contact Dr. Brian Forster.
  • If interested in TAing Physics 115 (Investigations in Astronomy), please contact the Physics Department.
  • If interested in TAing Chemistry 112 (Food Chemistry), please contact the Chemistry Department.


Current Connelly Hall Teaching Assistants /Lab Prep Assistants (Fall 2022-Spring 2023) 

  • Sage Aviles
  • Alexa Gostovich
  • Anne Gutherman
  • Dana Hungerford
  • Govindasamy Sampath Kumar
  • Alicia Lomax
  • Alexandria Marro
  • Lucia Portillo-Maldonado
  • Lanie Smith
  • Benji Williams


Past Teaching Assistants / Work Study Students