Current Graduate LINKS Fellows

LINKS Fellows spend two years working with the Wagner Free Institute of Science (WFIS) Educators, SJU Faculty and School District of Philadelphia teachers to implement a hands-on-science curriculum for grades 1st through 5th.  In addition, Fellows work to complete a Master’s Degree in Biology.


Hometown: Medford Lakes, NJ
Undergraduate institution: Gettysburg College
Undergraduate degree: Environmental Studies, and Art Studio
Career goal: Pursue a PhD to become a marine research biologist with an emphasis on conservation and species management
Research interests: Sea turtle, fresh water turtle biology, animal behavior, marine and fresh water conservation
Research mentor: Dr. Scott McRobert

My love of science was awakened by my 5th grade science teacher.  I remember enjoying our lab dissections and conducting classroom experiments. I was fortunate to have teachers and mentors who encouraged me to explore the unexplored path. That’s why I am so excited to become part of the GeoKids program as a fellow so I can share my passion for science and nurture future scientists, explorers and researchers.


Hometown: Hatboro, PA
Undergraduate institution: Saint Joseph's University
Undergraduate degree:  B.S. in Biology
Research interests: Animal behavior, genetics, microbiology

The reason I wanted to participate in the Geokids program or continue it into my graduate studies after completing the undergrad Geokids LINKS fellowship, was because outreach has provided me the opportunity to share my passion and love for science with young minds in the classroom the way it was done for me as a child that peaked my interest and lead me to pursue higher education studying science as an adult.


Hometown: Downingtown, PA
Undergraduate Institution:  Saint Joseph's University
Undergraduate degree: B.S. in Biology
Career goal: Something that combines my interests in education and animal behavior
Research interests: Animal behavior

GeoKids has given me the opportunity to grow as a scientist by giving me the space to become a more effective science communicator. I started working in science outreach during my time as an undergraduate student at St. Joe’s and when continuing on with the graduate program, applying for GeoKids seemed like the natural choice. The impact this program has had both on my development and that which it has on the communities it serves is profound. Bringing hands-on science to elementary students makes the material much more accessible to them and gets them engaging in ways that the traditional classroom setting makes difficult.