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From taste tests to field trips and so much in between, the Ambassador Program provides FMK students a chance to travel, learn, and explore outside of the classroom by participating in food industry shows and conferences. Students gain first-hand experience networking with and learning from food industry professionals. Plus we cover the expenses and they're a lot of fun. Shows are located in various cities including

Chicago  •  London  •  Houston  •  Las Vegas •  Orlando  •  Anaheim  •  New York  •  New Orleans

What to know.

Who can participate: Upper level (rising juniors/3rd year through graduation) FMK majors and co-ops are eligible to apply.

Cost: All direct expenses are covered by the Department of Food Marketing through the generous support of our partnering organizations and companies. Incidental expenditures have some restrictions that vary by show (e.g. not all shows cover check baggage expense).

Length of trips: Depending on location and programming, trips range in length of one to five days. We minimize missed classes as much as possible.

Qualifications: Different shows may have different qualifications or restrictions (e.g. no previous produce industry experience for PMA's Fresh Summit). While there is no minimum GPA, your academic performance will be taken under consideration since this needs to be a priority.

How do I apply?

Fill out this short questionnaire to be place on our priority email list and we will notify you first about opportunities. While we have a number of established partnerships at shows, new opportunities commonly arise.


Ambassador trips can change year to year. The most regularly attended shows are listed below. Additional information can be found under the recent show page.

  • Fresh Summit, Produce Marketing Association - mid-October
  • Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA) Show - mid-November
  • New York Produce Show - early December
  • National Restaurant Association Show - mid-May
  • Sweets & Snacks - mid-May
  • London Produce Show - early June

Why it's worth it.

"Not only do you get to network with various industry professionals, but you are able to gain hands on experience in which truly enables students to learn by doing." - London Produce Show Ambassador 2017

"It is an experience in my college career I will never forget. The SJU food marketing department always parades its vast alumni network, so it was amazing to see that in action!” - PLMA Show Ambassador 2015


"It was a unique opportunity to be able to network with various food industry professionals, learn about trends, and understand the food service sector better. I applied numerous topics from my food marketing classes as I was talking with professionals." - National Restaurant Association Show Ambassador 2017

"I learned an immense amount from walking the tradeshow floor with my mentor. We couldn’t get more than 3 feet without someone stopping to talk with us. My mentor introduced me to CEOs and Presidents of companies, I exchanged business cards with these individuals and have some great leads for a job after graduation.” - Fresh Summit Ambassador 2017