Change of Information

Click here to access the Change of Information form to update your name and/or permanent address information.

GRE Fee Reduction Certificate

Click here for the 2018-2019 GRE Fee Reduction Certificate.

Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose

This form is only to be used for students coming in person to the Office of Financial Aid to present their credentials if selected in verification group 5.  This form is for students to use if they are signing and presenting their ID to a notary because they are unable to make it to campus.

The purpose of this form is to verify the identity of the aid recipient and for them to attest to the fact that they will use financial aid for the purposes of a legitimate education interest.  This form should be treated as any other verification document in terms of indexing and satisfying of requirements.


2018-2019 Verification Form

2018-19 SJU Verification Form Final (Applies to Fall 2018/Spring 2019/Summer 2019 semesters; To request a 2017-2018 Verification Form for Summer 2018, email

2018-2019 Verification of Independent Status Form


For students/parent(s) that file a foreign tax return:

2018-2019 Parent Non-Tax Filer Form

2018-2019 Student Non-Tax Filer Form

2018-2019 Employment Verification Form

2018-2019-Employee-Discount-Form-SJU-external-employees (for eligible students employed at organizations participating in the SJU Partnership Tuition Discount Program).  *Note, certain programmatic restrictions/time limits apply.