Current students are encouraged to apply for external scholarship opportunities.  If a student receives a scholarship or tuition resource from an outside source, he/she should submit a copy of the award notification to the Financial Aid Office via email to  This will ensure that when funds are received by the outside organization that they are appropriately credited to the student’s account.  In the event an outside scholarship or tuition resource/benefits from an outside source, when added to the student’s existing financial aid, causes the student to be in an “over-award” situation (i.e.-receiving TOTAL financial aid greater than the student’s annual cost of attendance), every effort will be made to reduce loans and federal work study first, before institutional aid is adjusted.  Please note, however, that SJU Grants and Scholarships can only be applied toward tuition costs so if another source is covering tuition costs, SJU Grants/Scholarships may need to be adjusted.

The Office of Financial Aid regularly updates the following scholarship databases as we receive information on outside scholarships:

Additionally, students are encouraged to research these funds on their own at: