Nancy2Nancy Scharff, M. Ed.,  Advisory Board Chairperson, is a key architect of the UTR, combining her experience working with urban schools, her 2012 Masters in Special Education from SJU, and her experience with strategic planning. Ms. Scharff is a Board Member of KIPP Philadelphia Schools, and Board Member/previous Executive Director of ReadWorks, org.  She is actively involved in the Philadelphia READ! By 4th initiative, working as the Interim Chair of the Instructional Strategy Committee.
judith_birsch2Judith R. Birsh, Ed.D.,  is the editor of Multisensory Teaching of Basic Language Skills, a text widely used in teacher preparation programs focused on the science of reading.  She was founder and director of a program by the same name, from 1985 until 2000, at Teachers College, Columbia University. Dr. Birsh is a consultant to public and private schools, and a reviewer of teacher preparation programs seeking to meet IDA Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teachers of Reading.
Dr.MargieGillisMargie Gillis, Ed. D., is the President of Literacy How, Inc., and a Research Affiliate with Haskins Laboratories and Fairfield University.  Literacy How provides professional development for teachers (PreK through Adult Ed) on how best to implement research-based reading practices in the classroom.  Dr. Gillis is co-founder of Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities and a founding board member of Literate Nation.  She regularly presents and publishes research on language and literacy skill building at scholarly conferences and in journals.
Keith_Magee2Reverend Keith L. Magee, Th.D., is an internationally sought speaker, lecturer and preacher.  His areas of expertise include Faith and Politics, and the education of urban youth as a matter of social justice.  As a dyslexic himself, Reverend Magee leads outreach efforts for the Multicultural Dyslexia Awareness Initiative of the Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity.
spinelliCathleen Spinelli, Ph.D., Professor, Special Education Department, has extensive experience in public school systems as a certified school psychologist, educational diagnostician, school administrator and special education teacher. Her professional publications include two textbooks, Classroom Assessment for Student with Special Needs in Inclusive Settings, 3rd ed. and Linking Assessment to Instructional Strategies: A Guide for Teachers both published by Pearson Publications. Dr. Spinelli regularly presents at international and national professional education conferences