Please review the following documents to decide which service placements are appropriate for your service-learning course. Please keep in mind other volunteer activities, service times, travel time and transportation.

Course Service Placement
ENG 450-SLR, Hospital Stories, Dr. Green Inglis House

Kencrest Transitional

Project HOME Psychiatric Rehabilitative Services

Sacred Heart Home

Saunders House

HIS 204-SLR, Latin American – US Migration, Dr. Warren Centro Nueva Creación

IHM Center for Literacy

Mexican Consulate in Philadelphia

Providence Center- After School


Visitation School

Welcome Center

MHC 221-SLR, Managing Human Capital, Dr. Patton Calcutta House

HIAS-After School

Inglis House

Mexican Consulate in Philadelphia

Peoples Emergency Center

Honickman Learning Center, Project HOME

PHL 257-SLR, Philosophy and Liberation, Dr. Weislogel Families Forward

Food, Faith, Friends


Puentes de Salud

St. Francis Inn

SPA 360-SLR, Spanish in the Community Antonia Pantoja Charter School


Providence Center- After School