Service Scholars are student employees hired after their freshman year-long service-learning course. The position is held for the following three years.

The main job responsibilities of the Service Scholar position are:

  • Work out of an intentional, faith based community
  • Act as a liaison between the service-learning classes and Faith-Justice Institute
  • Facilitate classroom discussions, read & respond to journals, blackboard or fieldnotes
  • Work with students on any service or logistical concerns
  • Plan and participate in reflection dinners

Current Service Scholar Facts:

  • Twelve Service Scholars
  • Attend trainings and retreats throughout the year
  • Work with freshmen and semester-long classes
  • Meet weekly for supervision with Assistant Director
  • Participate in weekly scholar community staff meeting

For further information, contact:

Jill Amitrani-Welsh
Assistant Director
Phone: 610-660-1765