Service-Learning courses can be relationship-based, project based or immersion based. All have meaningful commitments designed throughout the semester with a local community partner organization. Community-based work will be integrated with course content and reflection.

First Year Student Service-Learning

First Year Student Service-Learning Information

First Year Student Service-Learning Course Catalog

If you are interested in enrolling in a First Year Student Service-Learning Course please contact the instructor or Ann Marie Keffer at

Semester-Long Service-Learning

Semester-Long Course Catalog

Upperclass students have the opportunity to enroll in the direct service courses, project-based courses, immersive courses and internships with local and international Service-Learning community partners.

Fall 2021 Service-Learning Courses

Please note we are engaging our community partners to identify if community-based work will be virtual, in-person or both for the Fall 2021 semester. Virtual community work modality examples include:

  • Direct Service: Tutoring through zoom or google meets with elementary school children.
  • Asynchronous: Writing pen-pal letters with students enrolled in a school in Bolivia.
  • Hybrid: Creating content for personal exchanges and monthly zooms with children attending a school for hearing impaired students.
  • Project-Based: Creating modules for youth who participate in a local community partner organization’s training programs.

Semester Courses:

Dept Number Section Title Day Start Time End Time Instructor Course Modality Community Modality
ABS 100 SLR Intro to Autism Spectrum Disorders TR 3:30 4:45 McFalls, Theresa Direct Service
BIO 320/720 SL1 Science Communication and Outreach R 12:30 3:30 Kirkland, Nneka online Direct Service
DSS 420 SL1 Introduction to Data Mining TR 9:30 10:45 Garwood, Kathleen hyflex Project-Based
DSS 420 SL2 Introduction to Data Mining TR 11:00 12:15 Garwood, Kathleen hyflex Project-Based
ECN 484 OL1 Economics of Race TR 2:00 3:15 Fox, Nancy online Direct Service
ENG 429 SL1 Civil Rights Movement (Inside Out) W 5:00 7:45 Green, Ann Immersion
PMK 190 D01 Healthcare Delivery Alternative TR 5:00 6:15 DelConte, Anthony hyflex Direct Service
IHS/ THE 368 SL1/ST1 Just Health Care in Developing Nations TR 3:30 4:45 Clark, Peter, Keffer, Ann Marie face-to-face Direct Service or Immersion

First Year Service-Learning Courses

Sections Open to All Majors:
ENG 101-SL1, Craft of Language, MWF, 1:25pm, Dr. Green (Fall 2021)
Follow-up Spring semester course: ENG 102-SLR, Texts in Context

ENG 101-SL2, Craft of Language, TR 2:00pm, Dr.  Patterson (Fall 2021)
Follow-up Spring semester course: ENG 102-SLR, Texts in Context

PHL 150-SL1, Drugs, Freedom and Control, MWF, 12:20pm, Dr. Boettcher (Fall 2021)
Follow-up Spring semester course: PHL 154-SL1, Moral Philosophy

POL 150-FY1, Women, Girls and Politics, MWF 11:15am, Dr. Baglione (Fall 2021)
Follow-up Spring semester course: PHL 154-SL2, Moral Philosophy

SOC 150-FY1, Social Problems and Social Change, TR 9:30-10:45pm, Dr. Bergen (Fall 2020)
Follow-up Spring semester course: SOC 202-SLR, Advanced Social Problems

EDU Majors: EDU 150-SL1, Schools and Society, MWF 11:15am, Dr. Edwards-Alexander, (Fall ’21)
Follow-up Spring semester course: EDU 151-SLR,  Development, Cognition & Learning