Student Perspectives

“In addition to being an incredible learning experience, service-learning has transformed me in so many ways. The phenomenal faculty combined with what is essentially a cultural experience in the Philadelphia community has allowed me to start to grasp what is important for me when defining success and achievement in my own life. I have seen so many new walks of life that I have never been exposed to, all the while being forced to look critically at my own life. Everyone at SJU, especially freshman, should participate in service-learning simply because it will define your journey here at Saint Joe’s and for the entirety of your life. The lessons, people and connections in the classroom and on site are nothing less than priceless.”

– Dan S., 2018

“Incoming first year students should enroll in the service-learning program to become a more, well rounded individual. Sure, you have volunteered before, but, relationship-based service is so much more than that. Being able to find things in common with a variety of people, is something that really changes your outlook on everything around you.”

– K.S., 2018


“My experience with Service-Learning has been truly amazing! Service never felt like a burden to me; it became something that I loved to do every week and looked forward to. Prior to signing up for service, I knew I was going to love whatever service I was placed in. However, I never expected to form the bonds and relationships I did while I was there. The two second grade girls that I work with were not only my students but I considered them to be like little sisters. Each week they came running up to me with huge smiles on their faces eager to work and learn! Their desire to learn and positive attitudes made the environment so special and helped all three of us grow! As the semester progressed, I can honestly say I learned not only a lot about myself but I learned so much about my girls as well. Each day we would start off with what they liked about school and I loved being able to connect with them and hearing about their families. After attending service I saw a change in myself. I was more patient, open to new experiences and recognized the importance of solidarity. Service became like an extra text for the class and something that I loved to do. As a first year student it exposed me to so many opportunities and opened my eyes to so many educational inequalities in our local city. I would recommend all freshmen sign up because you become friends with other SJU students at your service site and you also learn about the local community that you will be living in for the next four years!”

- Jackie F., 2018