The Joseph William and Madeline Eberle Klein Fund was established for the explicit purpose of “supporting educational events (including courses, programs, lectures, and the like) and materials specifically directed toward greater inclusion in the Roman Catholic Church of those groups of persons currently disaffected from it including, but not limited to gays, women, and radical and political minorities.”

Upcoming Events:

The Vulnerability of Love: Towards a Faith That Does Justice For Women in the Church

Dr. Elizabeth Gandolfo, Wake Forest University

October 5, 7pm, Forum Theater


“Why Shouldn’t I Have a Problem With Islam?”Dr. Jonathan Brown, Georgetown University

October 24, 7pm, Foley Center

Fostering Young Adult Spiritual Development in a Competitive Digital World

Dr. Michelle Sterk Barrett, College of the Holy Cross

March 6, 7pm, Foley Center

Mending the Gap in 2016   One Thousand Weeks   Living with the Sins of the Past   Sex and the SoulCatholic Universities and Our Polarized Nation

   The Legacy of the UCA Martyrs   From the Upper Room to Pentacost   Approaching Racialized Violence through the Lens of Restorative Justice

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