The Joseph William and Madeline Eberle Klein Fund was established for the explicit purpose of “supporting educational events (including courses, programs, lectures, and the like) and materials specifically directed toward greater inclusion in the Roman Catholic Church of those groups of persons currently disaffected from it including, but not limited to gays, women, and radical and  political minorities."

Full of Grace

November 1 and November 2, 7:30pm, Bluett Theater

A play based on interviews with LGTB Catholics, Full of Grace explores the intersection of faith and sexual identity. The play incorporates voices from across the United States and interviews reveal issues of exclusion and reconciliation, integrity and compromise, celebration, loss and the struggle to reconcile seemingly opposing forces.

Dead Man Walking: The Journey Continues

November 14, 7pm, Chapel of Saint Joseph’s

Sr. Helen Prejean, CSJ, is world renown for her tireless work against the death penalty, especially in our national dialogue on capital punishment. Moreover, Sr. Helen has been instrumental in shaping the Catholic Church’s newly vigorous opposition to all executions as announced recently by Pope Francis. Join us for an evening presentation with Sr. Helen.

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