Students have the opportunity to obtain a Faith-Justice Studies minor by selecting a sequence of six faith-justice courses; no more than three courses can come from one’s major and coursework must include at least one course which directly addresses Catholic Social Thought:  THE 261, Christian Social Ethics, THE 361, Catholic Social Teaching, THE 366, Christian Medical Ethics, THE 372, Technology Ethics or THE 373, Economic Ethics.

Faith-Justice Courses

  • Engage students directly with the “sufferings of the poor” and explore the call, not only to serve them, but also to stand in solidarity with them.
  • Invite students to analyze institutions and social structures and to question prevailing  systems of thought or action that systematically contribute to modern-day social problems (poverty, racism, human rights violations, violence).
  • Challenge students to consider existing social values and priorities in light of Gospel values and faith-based traditions of social justice.
  • Present students with alternative models (social movements or schools of thought) that challenge current modes of thinking and provide creative steps toward social transformation.
  • Provide students with tools and approaches for acting as faithful citizens in a more just society.

Faith-Justice Studies Minor Declaration Form

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