Faith-Justice Studies Courses – Spring 2019

ART 150 Blasphemy & Devotion, Emily Hage

ART 180 Encountering Mystery: Sacred Space – Sacred Time, Dennis McNally

BIO 320: Science Communication and Outreach, Maura Southwell

DSS 420 Introduction to Data Mining, Kathleen Garwood

ECN 101 Introduction to Micro-Economics, Nancy Fox (First-Year SLR)

EDU 151 Development, Cognition and Learning, Virginia Johnson (First-Year SLR)

EDU 246 Language, Literacy, and Culture, TBA

ENG 102 Texts and Contexts, Ann Green (First-Year SLR)

ENG 102 Texts and Contexts, Owen Gilman (First-Year SLR)

ENG 102 Texts and Contexts, Jo Parker (First-Year SLR)

ENG 444: Writing through Race, Class and Gender: Northern Ireland, Ann Green (STR)

ENG 472  Inside-Out: Life & Its Boundaries, Ann Green and Betsy Linehan (SLR, Philosophical Anthropology, Art/Lit)

FBE 150 Social Entrepreneurship, Ken Kury

IBU 210 Introduction to International Business, John Neiva (DGNW)

HIS 256 HIV/AIDS, Gudrun Heeren

IHS 331 Research Methods, Sara Kuykendall

IHS 331 Research Methods, Sara Kuykendall

INT 354 Psychology and Religion, Frank Bernt

LEO 150 Serious Comedy and Social Justice, Ken Weidner

LEO 210  Business, Stakeholders and Ethics, David Steingard

LEO 212 (two sections) Organizational Sustainability, John Neiva (DGNW, Ethics Intensive)

MGT 120 Essentials of Management, Tim Swift (SLR)

MHC 221 Workforce Diversity  (DGNW)

PHL 154 Moral Foundations, Betsy Linehan (First-Year SLR)

PHL 250 Philosophy of Death, Patricia Murphy

PHL 262 Freedom, Citizenship, Culture, James Boettcher

PHL 320 Business, Society, and Ethics, Michael Kates

PHL 342 Inside-Out: Life & Its Boundaries, Betsy Linehan and Ann Green (SLR, Philosophical Anthropology, Art/Lit)

PHL 354 Philosophy of Religion, Patrick Casey

PHL 354 Philosophy of Religion, Lorraine Keller

PHL 354 Philosophy of Religion, Paul St. Amour

PHL 354 Philosophy of Religion, John Kearney

PMK 190 Healthcare Delivery Alternatives, Anthony DelConte (Ethics Intensive, Health Care Ethics, SLR)

POL 150 Women, Girls, and Global Politics, Lisa Baglione (First-Year Seminar)

POL 323 Women and American Politics, Becki Scola

POL 354 War and Peace, Lisa Baglione

POL 409 Senior Capstone: Contemporary International Migration, Richard Gioisio (JEL, Globalization, Writing Intensive)

PSY 212 Multicultural Psychology, Josephine Shih (DGNW, Gender Studies)

REL 272 Indigenous Religions, Economic Globalization & Human Rights, Shawn Kramer (Study Tour, SLR, DGNW, Ethics Intensive, Latin American Studies, Religious Difference, International Business)

REL 388 Jewish and Christian Responses to the Holocaust, Rabbi Alan Iser

SOC 102 Social Problems, Maria Kefalas

SOC 102 Social Problems, Don Haldeman

SOC 102 Social Problems, Denise Ray-Shields

SOC 150 What’s in a Neighborhood? At the Intersection of Space and Inequality, Susan Clampet-Lundquist (First-Year Seminar)

SOC 202 Advanced Social Problems, Raquel Bergen (First-Year SLR)

SOC 208 Sociology of Gender, Raquel Bergen (Gender Studies)

SOC 310 The Policing Crisis, Maria Kefalas

SOC 316 Fair Trade Study Tour (Costa Rica), Keith Brown

SOC 345 Law and Social Policy, Rob Moore

SOC 349 Poverty, Ethics & Social Policy, Susan Clampet-Lundquist (SLR, Ethics-Intensive)

SPE 379 Families, School, & Community: Diverse Society

THE 150 –Ignatius and the City: Jesuit Urban Missiology, Dan Joyce (First-Year, SLR)

THE 154 – Faith, Justice and the Catholic Tradition, James O’Sullivan (First-Year, SLR)

THE 261 Christian Social Ethics, James O’Sullivan (Catholic Social Thought component for the minor)

THE 349 Theology of Disability, Sammon, Brendan

THE 366 SLR Christian Medical Ethics, Peter Clark (SLR, Ethics Intensive, Health Care Ethics)  (Counts as the Catholic Social Thought component for the minor)

THE 366 D01 Christian Medical Ethics, Aloysis Ochasi (Ethics Intensive, Health Care Ethics)  (Counts as the Catholic Social Thought component for the minor)

THE 372 Technology Ethics, James Caccamo (Catholic Social Thought component for the minor)



POL 309 Advising the President, Becki Scola



ENG 468 Media and Cultural Studies in South Africa, Shenid Bayroo (Study Tour)

SOC 350 Identity and Economic Crisis within the Cradle of Democracy