The Faith-Justice Studies Program is an interdisciplinary, self-designed curriculum that enables students to integrate their major area of study with inquiries into faith and social justice issues. Faith-Justices Studies courses are open to students of all majors and meet one or more the following criteria:

  • Engage students directly with the "sufferings of the poor" and explore the call, not only to serve them, but also to stand in solidarity with them.
  • Invite students to analyze institutions and social structures and to question prevailing systems of thought or action that systematically contribute to modern-day social problems (poverty, racism, human rights violations, violence).
  • Challenge students to consider existing social values (norms) and priorities in light of Gospel values and faith-based traditions of social justice.

Students interested in pursuing a Faith-Justice Studies Minor should visit Minor Requirements. All Students interested in faith-justice issues, regardless of declared Minor, are welcome to enroll in Faith-Justice Studies Courses. For more information on the Faith-Justice Studies Minor contact Dr. Richard Warren,