ENG 492: English Internship


The English Department internship course is designed to help guide students of all majors who wish to earn credit for professional work experience in writing, editing, social media management, or journalism, to name just a few. Possible venues include, but are not limited to, newspapers and magazines, academic journals, publishing companies, television stations, radio stations, public relations firms and communications departments, online media outlets, advertising agencies, governmental and university departments, nonprofit organizations, and private and public schools.



  • Strengthen writing and related communication skills through work-related tasks and classroom assignments
  • Explore a job or area of expertise in the field of English/communications
  • Enhance workforce skills
  • Utilize networking skills and tools
  • Reflect critically about professional experiences and personal career goals


Work Requirements

Students must log a minimum of 112 hours (based on eight hours per week in a 14-week semester) during a single semester (fall, spring, or summer). Please note that many internship sites require a minimum of 10 to 15 hours per week, so a site’s requirements may well exceed the department’s.



ENG 492 is open to students of all majors who have completed the second semester of their sophomore year and have an overall GPA of 3.0. Any exceptions to semester standing or GPA policies require permission from the English Department chair.

All students interested in registering for the internship course must complete the Internship Form and submit it to the course instructor for approval.