Undergraduate students interested in taking a Writing Studies graduate course must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Junior or Senior
  • GPA of 3.3 or G.P.A. approval by the department chair
  • Approval of the English chair, Fr. Tom Brennan (tbrennan@sju.edu)

Students may take up to two graduate courses as undergraduates. A grade of “B” or better is required to take a second course. Graduate courses will be applied toward the undergraduate degree, and cannot be counted toward the Writing Studies degree, should a student wish to enroll in that program.

Current graduate course offerings, as well as previous semester classes, can be found here.

It is not generally recommended that a student take one of the core courses, The Practice of Writing (ENG 550) or Rhetoric Then and Now (ENG 560), as they are an introduction to the graduate program. Anyone interested in one of these courses should contact Fr. Tom Brennan, the English Chair, at tbrennan@sju.edu.

Writing Studies core courses do not need to be repeated if a student decides to enroll in the graduate program. However, the requirement for completion of 30 credits hours of graduate work must be fulfilled through extra courses selected from one of the required Areas.