Sarah Sutherland, ’16: Communications Specialist

Sarah Sutherland, ’16, is a communications specialist in the National Customer Operations division at Comcast. While at St. Joe’s, she was a copy editor for The Hawk student newspaper, a tutor in the SJU Writing Center, editor of the English Department Newsletter and a member of Sigma Tau Delta, International English Honor Society.

How did you end up at your current job? 

After graduating in May 2016, I got a job as an editorial assistant at a healthcare publication based in King of Prussia. Unfortunately, the company closed in early 2017, but my current team at Comcast saw a lot of overlap in what I did there and what I do now.

 What do you do at Comcast?

My team is responsible for communicating information regarding new policies, products and updates to the frontline employees, meaning sales and repair agents, via internal databases and daily newsletters. Most of my day is spent editing information supplied by the teams that actually develop these products or updates, but I also occasionally write original content in the form of spotlight profiles of frontline agents.

What skill developed as an English major do you find most useful for the work you do now?

At Comcast, whenever I’m writing about a new product or policy, I have to be comfortable asking the developing teams questions and determining how to translate that information into language that can be easily understood by people who’ve never heard of the new product or policy.

Did your time tutoring in the Writing Center help prepare you for this job?

Funny story. When I had my initial phone interview with a recruiter for my first job, she noticed that I was a writing center tutor and exclaimed, “Oh my gosh, we love writing center grads!” Turns out that title means a lot to recruiters and hiring managers.

 What advice do you have for college students searching for their first job?

Even if you think you’re not qualified, apply anyway. You’ll get a lot of rejections and, more than that, you’ll apply to a lot of jobs and never hear back. That’s okay! Applying and getting rejected helps you narrow down your search and hone your interviewing skills. You’ll get a job that’s perfect for you. It’ll just take time.

Anything else you think students should know?

Don’t underestimate the power of a St. Joe’s degree. A huge part of the reason I got my first job is because my hiring manager was an SJU alum. Hawks are everywhere, and you’ll find very quickly that SJU alums look out for each other, no matter how long ago they left the nest.


Current college students can check out Comcast’s careers site for internship opportunities at the company.

—Theresa Bender, ’17