KEY PERSONNEL: Each area has its own procedure.

Vice President for Student Life, Associate Provost – Decision maker and liaison with President and Cabinet Officials.

Director of Public Safety & Security – Relays on-site occurrences to VP of Student Life, Associate Provost.

Assistant Director of Operations for Public Safety & Security – Document incident and maintain incident chronology log.

Assistant Directors (3), Facilities Management – Coordinates facility requests, Responds to internal campus needs. Responds to external campus needs.

Manager, Special Events – Supplies necessary bedding, set-up lounges, etc. Log and store any displaced personal belongings.

Director, University Communications and Marketing – Responsible for any media releases. Liaison with media.

Assistant Vice President for Campus Life, Residence Life – Trauma Response Team – Responsible for necessary temporary housing and communication with parents and family members.

Associate Vice President for Info Technology – Responsible for IT Needs.

Chemical Hygiene Officer – Relay environmental exposure information to municipal and University officials.

Director, Purchasing – Responds to purchasing needs.