The Saint Joseph's University Department of Teacher Education is a vibrant department comprised of diverse faculty members. It is the goal of the faculty to prepare exemplary teachers, engaged citizens, and committed scholars.

We welcome you to explore the educational opportunities offered by the teacher education department, whether you are planning for your undergraduate experience or returning for graduate coursework and advanced degrees.

Contact Information

Dr. Suniti Sharma, Chair
(610) 660-1273

Our students seize the opportunity to touch the future:

“I love to see the light in children's eyes as they are learning and when they smile as they complete the challenges they face.”

“I want to bring hope to the inner city schools.”

“I want to make a difference in the world.”

“It's amazing to watch a child learn.”

“I want to help students see their own potential and to help them be successful in life.”

“Every child deserves a great teacher.”

Why Teacher Education?

Education is an exciting and dynamic profession. At Saint Joseph's University, we believe that the teaching profession is truly a vocation, a calling to serve as educators. Education offers you an opportunity to make a difference and to make a better world. It is an inspiring field with a strong potential for personal fulfillment and satisfaction. We need our brightest and best students to become our future educators!

The significance of education today cannot be overstated. As an education major, you join our distinguished faculty and hard-working students as they confront some of today's most exciting and challenging questions, such as:

  • What does it really mean to be a good teacher?
  • How can we adapt instruction for individual and special needs?
  • How can we better understand how children learn?
  • How can we empower students to be critical thinkers?
  • How can we create culturally relevant pedagogy?
  • How can we teach from a faith-based perspective and give priority to the development of social justice and equity in the classroom?
  • What is the role of education in a democratic society?
  • How can education be deployed to create moments of liberation for disenfranchised young people?

We connect theory, research, and practice. As an education major, you will have several field experiences observing and working in real classrooms with children beginning in your first year. You will also explore the role of the Scholar-Practitioner Model in education to understand how scholarly research guides the work of the practitioner.