Teacher candidates at Saint Joseph’s University are required to successfully complete a full time student teaching experience in an accredited K-12 school in their grade levels and subject areas of endorsement. Each student teacher is engaged in full time teaching responsibilities under the guidance of a certified, experienced mentor teacher and a student teacher mentor. Student teachers are welcome to provide input into their placements. Ideally student teaching takes place in a classroom aligned with career goals. In some cases, teacher candidates may student teach in their own classrooms.

Student teaching is the culminating experience in the teacher preparation program.

Student Teaching Requirements for Certification

The following certification areas require a 14-week full time student teaching experience:

PK-4 & SpEd PK-8 (Undergraduate double majors)
Hearing Impaired PK-12

The following certification areas require a modified 4-week student teaching experience:

SpEd PK-8 and SpEd 7-12

Note: Only graduate students who have completed a full time student teaching experience as part of their initial teacher certification program and who hold a valid initial teaching certificate are eligible for a modified 4-week student teaching placement.

About the Experience

The student teaching experience provides teacher candidates with the space and opportunity to practice the craft of teaching in a reflective manner, receiving ongoing feedback from the cooperating teacher and student teacher mentor. All student teaching placements occur concurrently with a content specific university student teaching seminar course.

Resources about Student Teaching

The following resources are available to Student Teacher Candidates, Student Teacher Mentors, and Cooperating Teachers.

1. Student Teacher Candidate Resources (including Student Teaching Application)  

2. Student Teacher Mentor Resources

3. Cooperating Teachers Resources