E.M.M.M. stands for “Economics Majors Monthly Meetings.”

Faculty meet with students over lunch four times per semester, during the free period on Tuesdays. Sometimes we bring in external speakers (for exaample, Mark Orrs, Columbia University and Vincenzo LaRuffa, Susquehanna Venture Capital). Other times one of our professors present their research (Drs. Balasubramaniam, Bookman, Hionis, Libeman and Pardo have all done this).

Alternatively our faculty speak about economic topics in the news (Dr. Burke spoke on the presidential election in 2008 as well as on health reform in 2007).

Also, former students come in to speak to our students about their experience in the workforce or in graduate school. Sometimes we provide students with information on how-to, such as how to apply to graduate school or how to apply for work. For instance, Mr. Heron discussed the pros and cons of a hiatus between college and graduate school.